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where else could it have spread

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i was found to have prostate cancer and have been fighting it for over ayear. when they finally decided to use laser surgery on it they found i had bladder cancer. six months earlier my bladder was clean. i have had the three different cancers scrapedand was to start my treatment.then on the urine test they found infection so was delayed for another two weeks.i have had spasms every since they removed the cath. i

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HI Huey51:

I guess it could have spread just about anywhere, but hopefully it has not spread any further than it already has. My bladder cancer started in my bladder and had just gone outside of it when they removed it, (removed my bladder that is) hopefully preventing it from going elsewhere. It worked as they removed my prostate and lynthnodes and they were clean.

Others I know have had the bladder cancer leave the bladder and go to the prostate and also to lynthnodes, ultimately to the colon, etc. But, with that said, it doesn't have to. Seems we're all different in that regards and it travels in some more and faster than in others. Or, perhaps just doesn't go any further than it already has. Make sure you have a doctor with the experience necessary in this area and one that you really, really trust. I know from much experience that urologists at teaching universities usually have more experience with bladder cancer. It is a cancer that you really have to stay on top of as it is known to have a very aggressive nature. It likes to come back.

Initially I had my bladder scraped as well, but the tumor simply grew back quickly and invaded the muscle so it was necessary for me to get a urostomy. Since then, (one year+), all is well with me. So, I wish you well and you might get some more feedback on another website URL as follows: c3life.com/ostomy I find that there is not a lot of activity on this site for some reason. Of course, most of the people on the other site already have ostomies of some sort, but they are a real nice group of people with lots of experience with cancer.

Well, take care and if you would like to talk further, post again.

C U,

Bladder Cancer staged 3a,
Urostomy 06-30-2011, very aggressive tumor

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