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Round 2 of round 2

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My wife is starting irinotecan, avastin, and Xeloda. Hoping for mild to no side effects. CEA over 400, so hope this regime gets things under control.


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Best wishes to your wife as she starts this new chemo. Things to watch for with the irinotecan are nausea and diarrhea. Make sure she has meds to control these side effects before starting it. Hope and pray that this will work for her!


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The nurse gave us the rundown on what to watch for. Double dose of Imodium!?! Oncology people don't mess around.

Have fun on your cruise.


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My hubby is on this minus the Xeloda. Hair loss may be an issue, it was for George. Diarrhea can get pretty bad, everyone varies with some degree of it. We didn't stay on top of it like we should have and paid the price so stock up on the Immodium AD. We buy the Walmart or CVS house brand, it has the same ingridients as the name brand, and is less than half the cost. Make sure it is the Immodium AD (anti-diarrhea).

Now for the good news, it has worked very well for George.

Take care - Tina

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My husband did well on xeloda only after researching the cause of the side affects. We found after a few weeks in and severe nausea that folic acid can greatly increase side affects. It is tough eliminating folic acid as the US fortifies all wheat products with it. Have her limit cerials,breads and pastas and I believe she will do better. I litterally could not have forced a piece of bread down my husband after a couple of days. It made that much of a difference with him. Wishing your wife the best! Steph

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Praying it will be so.


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Hi all: I too am on irenotecan as well as 5FU, both of which cause severe diarrhea. I have changed from Imodium to prescription Lomotil - works better for me as the Imodium, even AD, didn't touch it. And on prescription it is cheaper. Also the BRAT diet (bananas, white rice, applesauce, white bread) during the diarrhea phase lessens the severity of the diarrhea somewhat. But I think your body has to get the chemicals out of you and that is one way! (keep diaper rash cream on hand though!)

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Thanks for the info westie66. She's doing fine so far, but it's still early in the treatment. We'll try to stay on top of it.


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