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anyone with Leiomyosarcoma? mine metastasized , but i am now in remission... this may help! contact jakkieblu@aol.com

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How? What was your treatment?

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Help,,,,, My Oncologist has told me my cancer is back & wants me to do Chemo clinical trial at the end of Dec. I feel like I don't have a choice in my treatment & she has said if I don't I won't see another year.......Vic

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So sorry you have this. I don't know much about this type of cancer other than my first cousin had this. Very aggressive. Would a second opinion help you with your decision-making? Lots to consider especially when someone gives you the "bottom line".

Don't know how to help other than sending cyberhugs and my prayers and best wishes to you. this is always good place to vent and get support.

((((HUGS)))) Mary Ann

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My initial diagnosis was leiomyosarcoma. At the time I was told that I would get radiation but probably not chemo. I don't think leiomyosarcoma is very responsive to chemo. Eventually my pathology report came back with carinosarcoma.

Have you had radiation and if so, have you maxed out on it. I would not let any clinical trial interfere with radiation, but on the other hand, I definitely would consider a clinical trail if all other options (ie radiation & surgery) have been exhausted. Do you know what type of chemo they are considering?

Take care,

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