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Brenda happy birthday

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hey i haven't posted in a while but i am saddened to read about so many who have died in the last few months. My neice Rachel now has her own bedroom here. She loves it. She has a terrible relationship with her fahter. She will be 16 soon and says she is not going home. She does not want to answer his calls, but I always encourage to answer his calls, She has gone golfing with him a few times and has dreaded it everytime.They are sup
posed to be going again on Sunday and she does not want to go. She is afraid to speak up to him. He has been decent for the most part and for the most part has stopped bugging her to come home. But I believe he thinks this is temporary, but she says she is never going home and that my house is her home now.
Any way, just thinking of her today as it would have been her 44th birthday. missing her very very much. my mother, rachel, me and my two daughters went to NYC yesterday sort of for her birthday. we saw Mama Mia on Broadway. Loved the play, but the trip was not the same with out her. i hate how you realize nothing will ever be the same. thanks for "listenig" Love you all.


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I add my "Happy Birthday" to yours for your dear sister. Know that she is watching over you and her daughter and loving your close relationship.

You are right, nothing is ever the same when we lose someone we have a close bond with. But they are always close by in our hearts and memories.

Hugs to you and the family.

Marie who loves kitties

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Happy Birthday to Brenda!!!! She is very missed here and so are you! Take care.


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Good to hear from you, as I do think of you and Brenda every now and then. I'm glad to hear Rachel is living with you. Sad that life is hard and sad while missing Brenda. Glad you all went to see Mama Mia- sounds like it was fun.
I'm hanging in there- still full of tumors, but they're mostly stable other than two that grew slightly- nothing's spread any further, thank the Lord.
I'm starting a Christian cancer support group on August 15th & I'm really excited about it. I feel like I am being led to do this. The group will meet at my church and I've been passing out flyers about it to let people know it's happening.

You take care, my friend :)


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