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Anyone growing or had grown wheatgrass?

I am about to order a kit and some extra seeds and soil, but I do not know the difference between hard red organic wheat seeds and just organic seeds.

Anyone knows the difference?

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I hadn't seen your question before, but seeing as I just emailed you regarding wheatgrass, I thought I should answer this question. I was looking for reference to the cancer guidelines, the name of which has slipped my mind. any way.

Hope this is of some help, any questions after you read the site info, email me at yahoo and I'll be happy to help you out any way I can. Have you read Ann Wigmore's book?? She also has info on the web on how to grow wheatgrass. Harvest timing is very important.

Just to help you a bit--

This is what I put in the google search engine:

hard red organic vs. organic wheatgrass

A slew of sites came up, this is the url for the site that seemed to best answer my question:


There was a very long article about wheatgrass, which I think you might be interested in, I just picked out this tiny section.

….So where do I start my quest for the perfect wheatgrass seed? My first thought was since wheatgrass is to be used a medical supplement, I would approach my thinking, as treating wheatgrass as a medical herb. With my experience in researching herbs, I would always look at the history of the plant to see how it was used in the past. The juice of wheatgrass doesn't go back that far, wheat seed does. It has been used for bread making for thousands of years which has supplied entire civilizations with food. This bread was made with hard red wheat, and it's still preferred as the wheat for bread today. Soft, white wheat is used more in the pastry business. So since our ancestors lived on bread and not donuts, I think hard red wheat seed would be my best. So then I had to choose between hard red winter wheat and hard red spring wheat. My decision on this went back that many herbs potency increased the longer it was in the soil. Ginseng and Echinacea are two that most people have heard of. They increase in potency and value each year they are in the soil. An example would be to check the cost of 20-30 year Ginseng. So since hard red winter wheat is planted in Sept or Oct and harvested in May or June, whereas, hard red spring wheat is planted in April or May and is harvested in Aug or Sept., Hard red winter wheat is in the soil, twice as long. So my thinking is since its in the soil longer, especially growing during the harsh winter months it must be a tougher seed. So as a medial supplement, I prefer a tougher plant variety, same species for its flat tops and maximum yield and highest protein content…

The person who wrote this, is writing as a wheat grass grower and is sharing his decision making process.

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Thank you so much!
I just ordered the kit, so I know now what seeds to by when I run out of the ones that come with the kit.

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