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Acor.org users?

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Based on a recommendation posted here, I've been trying to view the "cancer types" links on acor.org for several weeks and I keep getting an error message saying "unable to connect to server." The rest of their links work fine. Anyone else having this problem? I have sent them four emails but they have not responded.

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Minnesota Girl
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I've tried that link several times over the last few weeks and have had the same problem.

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Yep, that link has been broken since I first went there several months ago. There are some others that seem to be broken also.


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the site is funky and needs to be carefully accessed.
try: http://listserv.acor.org/SCRIPTS/WA-ACOR.EXE?SUBED1=KIDNEY-ONC&A=1
this is for Kidney_Onc but there is a second site for Papillary that you will find when looking up the various lists.
go here: http://www.acor.org/types.html
and there is a search box above "less common cancers". enter: 'kidney' or 'Papillary' and leave the drop down box at "find a list"

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Posts: 235
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1530jesup: Thanks for the info. I was able to access the Kidney online support group using your suggestion. Is the online support group what you are supposed to connect to by clicking on the links "Types of Cancer/Most Common Cancers/Kidney and Renal Pelvis"? Or is the "Kidney and Renal Pelvis" link supposed to take you to a different area that just isn't working?

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