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The Onc said she is the barerer of Good news???

sleepless in jersey
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Hi~ Help me is this good news I don't know? Mom started to well up last night when the Onc. called. She said the brain MRI shows possible live cells not sure (around her removed 9mm mass) so repeat MRI in 6 wks instead of the normal 12wks. The one lung tumor that grew last time had shrunk from 4 to 2.9 GREAT, but scan is showing fluid in her lungs (Mom is having shortness of breath in the last 2wks and congested like allergies) so they want her to see a pulmonologist to have it drained. Doc said she wants the fluid tested it could very well be the side effect from the Taxotere, but we have to check it. Her bones are the same no change.
So today has to call pulmonologist for drain, call surgeon Onc. wants port placed (taxotere taking a beating on her hands and veins) set-up MRI for 6wks(brain) and now wants also a pet scan which I don't think she has ever had now.

Please help me is this good news like Onc. said??? Trying real hard to perk Mom up, she said I don't think this is good news at all!!!

Onc. said I think the Taxotere is really working for you and would like to continue with it, but really need to see the results of her fluid.

I hope to hear from someone soon:)
I will try to practice what I preach and continue to stay positive...LOL
Have a good day and stay cool I know the northeast is going back into the heat wave ugh

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Glenna M
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It sounds like her oncologist has everything under control and is keeping a very close eye on her. The one tumor that shrank is definitely good news and I think your mom's onc is being very proactive on ordering more tests. I know these tests are scary but they will show one way or the other what's going on in your mother's body.

Try to stay positive, the test results may all come back good and I would encourage your mother to stay on the Taxotere if her doctor thinks it is helping.

My best to you and your mom,

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We just have to trust our oncs. There is so much to comprehend. But if they say good news, go with it!!

sleepless in jersey
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Mom has since had her LT Lung drained 25ML waiting results of fluid. Onc says it could very well be from the Taxotere its one of the side effects, but again it could be "C". Onc. appt. is tomorrow to see what results are and how to proceed with TX.
Also had to see M.D. for clearence for port to be done this Fri., however her EKG had sevral dips so canceled. We will see Cardiologist tomorrow as well to discuss Heart now too!

Mom is very discouraged, no appetite, and now coughing at night while sleeping and congested?
Just so nervous to here what both Doc's have instore for her tomorrow :{

I am Moms biggest cheerleader, but I tell you I feel like my insides are falling apart.
Will keep you posted...
Im trying like Heck to continue to stay positive and keep the Faith you do as well!!

sleepless in jersey
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Moms Lung fluid came back as its from the chemo or possably a infection yeah!!!
So she's on z-pack and will start chest x-ray's once a mos. to keep a check on the lungs for fluid. If fluid builds back up than change of chemo it will be.

She's now having echo and prassantine stress test on mon and tue. so she could get the port.

Tried having a talk about eating and still not going well. Down more weight :(

God Bless

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Sorry Sleepless, that you and your mother are on this rollercoaster ride. Great News about the fluid though!! Whew! Now if you can just get her to eat......that would be the best. Have you mentioned her lack of appetite to any of her Drs.? Praying for good news on the stress test that would snap her into a food frenzy:) Stay strong Sleepless and positive thoughts and prayers coming your way. God bless. Cheryl

sleepless in jersey
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Joined: Feb 2011

Thanks for your prayers!
Mom never made it to the cardiologist for her tests, had difficulty breathing. She went straight to the Hospital where they did a slew of tests to find she had fluid in the lining of the lung, thats whats explained to me and many tumors have come back and grown significantly.
I dont understand how this could happen, I really dont!!
How do we go for scans 2 wks ago and have good news and the the last TX was 7/13 and cont. on Taxotere to now this wks scans are the total oposite??
They put her on real high doses of steroids, chumaden shots so she doesn't throw any blod clots from sitting around, nebulizer, but she said is doing nothing and was on oxygen earlier in the week, nolonger needs it! Surprise surprise eating like a champ all week do to the steroids.
Change of course is now Gemzar I believe 3wks on for a half hour than 1 wk off for 4 cycles.
Could anybody shed some light on this for me, for my family? The pulomono;ogist also stated that if the fluid does not get any better once you start the chemo (he expects it should) you will have to come in and have it removed again.
Im just so angry, scared how did this happen? The Onc's assoc. said Mom she have never been off the chemo for a mos. (so did the monsters grow in the 2 wks from the scans or were the scans not read properly I dont know what to think anymore.
I know I shouldn't ponder on what happened and just stay focused on now and the present and keep her spirits up, but its just so hard looking at her in the hosp. bed again, and so sad, no wig on, IV'S (they put the port in on thurs) and all these Doc's come in :(
Im sorry for such a long posting.
God Bless you all...

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