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I am in observation again. Hurrah.

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Saw the doctor and I am officially in observation again. I will go monthly for lab tests and then CAT scans every 3-4 months. If I have symptoms or the CA 125 jumps significantly the CAT scans will be sooner.

My CA 125 was 43.5 last month and this month it is 43.7. So I would say that is my baseline. I had 7 chemo treatments this go around. I look forward to no more metallic taste and no nausea. I also look forward to getting some hair again. The first time I did not lose my eyebrows, but this time I did lose them. I never did get my eyelashes back from the first round of chemo, so hopefully they will come back too. I feel good.

We are going to take advantage of being treatment free and take a couple of trips. The first trip will be in October and we are going to the Balloon Fiesta in Albuqueque New Mexico. They have 600 -700 hot air balloons that they launch and then have a balloon glow at night. It should be spectacular. Then in December we are going to go on a cruise through the Panama Canal. I have been wanting to do that. We are going to make the most of being treatment free.

Hope you all are doing well. In peace and caring.

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Fantastic news Ro!!! It was a tough go-round but you did it. Now, enjoy, enjoy the freedom!

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I am beyond thrilled for you, Ro. Enjoy those celebratory trips, and may you remain NED.


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Ro...am so happy to hear the good news! Start packing....have a wonderful time! You certainly deserve putting all the treatment stuff behind you and enjoying some wonderful time with your husband!

I am thrilled for you!!

Take care....Karen

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Doing the happy dance for you, RO!!! The balloon festival sounds wonderful!!! Enjoy!

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finally. The trips sound wonderful. Living in Santa Rosa by a large open field, I often woke up to the swish, hiss, swish of hot air balloons filling. Would get a cup of coffee, sit in the rocker and wait for them to go in the air. We never had any at night though. That will be a marvel to see.

I'm so happy that you will be able to relax and enjoy life.


The painting is called, When Pigs Fly. I had a lot of fun painting this years ago while I living in Sonoma County.

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How wonderful for you. Your trips sound absolutely amazing. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. You certainly deserve it. So happy for you.

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Great news Ro!! I hope that you enjoy your much deserved vacations. I have just finished 6 rounds of chemo and also look forward to being able to really taste food again and gaining strength.


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so glad you're through with treatment. you said you had 7 rounds, was that 7 infusions, or was each round more than one infusion? i have six cycles, two infusions each, and have two more cycles left. can't wait.

i know that balloon trip will be stunning; i'd never heard of that before. also the cruise. i never thought i'd like to take a cruise, but in fact loved it. i'm sure you've taken cruises before. sounds great!

here's hoping your hair, eyebrows and eyelashes grow back quickly and plentifully, and your taste buds return to normal in a flash.



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My treatments were every 3 weeks. I had Taxol/Carbo for the first 3. Then I had the reaction to Carbo and they switched it to Taxol/Cisplatin for the last 4 treatments. One day was Taxol and the next day was Cisplatin. Each day was about 8 hours each day with pre chemo drugs and taxol over 5 hours. Then the Cisplatin had pre hydration and post hydration and slowly titrate the Cisplatin rate up. I will be so happy to have a break from spending two days like that. But yet I am glad the chemo worked to bring down the CA 125 from 1750 to 43. Now if it just stays down for a while.

I forgot to mention that my port worked this time to draw the blood. I don't understand how sometimes it works and others it doesn't. I was just glad it worked.

Good luck with your last two cycles. Hope they go well for you.

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Wonderful news, Ro. Glad your port worked too.

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Oh Ro - I am just so, so pleased to hear your news. 7 cycles has been a tough course, but it is wonderful that you are now on a treatment break. Enjoy those holidays. The balloon fiesta sounds a wonderful sight and the Panama canal cruise is on my "to do" list too! Enjoy every second - you deserve it so much.
Kinest thoughts

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I'm so glad you have this last battle behind you, and that you now have some FUN things planned to celebrate your victory! WONDERFUL NEWS! ♥♥♥

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Wonderful uplifting news! Enjoy your trips.


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You deserve this! You worked hard! Happy!!!!

Love, Diane

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cisplatnin is a pretty heavy duty drug; how did you feel on it? i know it did good with your ca 125, thank goodness. i know the hydration bags helped. when i had my functional assay done, it said that the best snergy for me was cisplatnin and gemzar. my doctor thought cisplatnin would be too rough on me, so she chose carboplatnin, a cousin of cisplatnin, and gemzar. and so far, so good.

i take home a hydration bag after chemo that i have for 6 days, my partner changes my bag daily, gives me my shots, and inserts the drugs into the bag. she's gotten to be a real pro! i tried deaccesing my bag after 3 1/2 days, and was sick as a dog the next day, so had it reaccessed. it really helps me, though doesn't get rid of the fatigue or nausea altogether.

my port is just like yours. lately it has not worked to draw blood, then did twice, now stopped again. apparently there is a possible remedy, some solution they can put in the port to dissolve, or dislodge the blockage. it hasn't been that much of a problem for me to try that yet.

geeze, two 8 hour days of chemo....so glad it's over, and you have only good things to look forward to. thank you for your warm wishes for me


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You go girl, get out and enjoy those fun trips! Life is great and when the going is good, get going!!


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Glad your treatment is OVER!!!!! yeah. You have earned a long and joyous respite from pokes, prods, and metallic taste. May your hair speedily return.

Love you. Mary Ann

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I lived in Albuquerque and always went to the baloon fiesta. My husbands office mate had a balloon and she always wanted me to help but I was tied down with babies. When my oldest walked to Kindergarten the balloons were always up in the air over our heads. She learned that going back to school was part of ballooning. It is a beautiful feista and you will love it. I bet Pat is still looking for help!


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Double Whammy
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So happy for you, Ro. Now it's time to heal. From here it seems that the chemo went by quickly, but I know it didn't for you. Your trips sound wonderful.


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I really appreciate all the comments. Claudia I miss your balloon picture. I saw it once and then it was gone. I really liked it.

Still having some nausea. It has been five weeks since my chemo. Anyone else have prolonged nausea?

Hope everyone is doing okay. In peace and caring.

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i've had some nausea before chemo, certainly during chemo--one more to go, and i suspect after chemo as well this time. it seems omnipresent. i'm so hoping your nausea dissipates, and you realize one evening that you weren't nauseous all day. what do you do for your nausea? ativan and motrin help me, plus zofran, and a little medical m. at this point, i can't even recall when the nausea began, but also hoping that after chemo, it dissipates. i was told by both a doctor and nurse that after surgery where your bowels are involved, you can experience nausea for awhile. after two surgeries: one the major one, and the other for small intestinal blockage, my bowels just aren't the same, and that can cause nausea.

so, here's hoping the nausea just goes away, not to return.


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About the painting, I had to change it to the lone boat when I heard of our Dr. David's passing. Made me so sad. I'll put the balloons up up again in a bit.

Hope things are going well with you.

And, battered and sometimes seemingly beaten, we are ALL still here.


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