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Lesvanb, Geotina, Cynthia, ! You fine?

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Hugs !

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We have GOOD NEWS!! :-) Rick and I just got back from seeing the oncologist at Dana Farber, and she couldn't have more more pleased with the results of the PET/CT. All visible tumors are showing shrinkage, and many have completely disappeared! Of course, that means that the Folfiri is working, so it leaves the door open for him to possibly have surgery in a few months. It was so nice to get some good news for a change, and I'm so glad that I have my friends on this board to share it with today. :-) Best wishes to everyone, Cynthia

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part ,still lots of boat model to do! hahaha!.
Big hugs to both!

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Tell Rick to keep up the good work; you both must be so elated.


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