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Insulinoma with mets to the liver

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Hello to everyone.
My father has been diagnosed with malignant insulinoma. It has spread mets to his liver, which is unresectable due to the volume and the location of the lesions.
He is not a candidate for SIRT or TACE.

If the insulinoma itself can be surgically removed, is there a hope that we will be able to manage the lesions in the liver, hopefully reduce them to the state when a surgery is possible? Even if not cured, for how long will he be able to survive?

Did anyone of you deal with that? Any advice could be appreciated. I ask everyone one of you who suffered or suffers from this type of cancer, or whose relatives suffer from it, to write me where or on my e-mail: irenexy@rambler.ru

Posts: 2
Joined: Jul 2011

We have been recommended two variants:
1. chemotherapy etoposide + cisplatin
2. peptide receptor radionuclide therapy (hormone-delivered radiotherapy)

I ask all of you who dealed with insulinoma or any other neuroendocrine tumors which one of these variants is more efficient and has greater capacities to make the tumours shrink.

Thank you.

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