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Doctor Recommendations in SE?

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Hello all,

Recently diagnosed with stage T1C PC.

I'm in the research phase now meeting with Surgeons and Radiation Oncologists and considering many treatments.

I live in Southern Tennessee and am looking for Doctor (surgeon and radiation) recommendations in Nashville, Huntsville, Birmingham or Atlanta.

Thanks in advance,

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Best surgeon you can find is Dr. Smith at Vanderbilt in Nashville. He has performed 1000's of davinci surgeries. I live in Chattanooga TN area and travelled up to Nashville. Will take awhile to get in and see him but with a T1C you have time to explore your options if you decide on surgery.

If you pursue radiation Talk to a Dr. Critz out of Atlanta. He does a seed implant / radiation combo called prostrcision (I think is the name of his technique).

Where in Southern TN do you live?

lewvino (Age 56) Davinci - August 2009.

Gleason 7 pre surgery

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In the Fayetteville area. Thanks for the suggestions. I've spoken with Doctors Flatt and Estopinal in Huntsville so far.

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Hello JT and welcome.

I am not sure what resources are available in these cities other than the Brachytherapy + EBRT group practicing in Atlanta. Just google ProstRcision.

This is just one option you will likley find from many amongst these cities.

Good luck to you.


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As a man who chose the ProstRcision radiation procedure almost 4 years ago, I suggest that you take the opportunity to speak to one of these physicians on the telephone. Men from all over the country come to them to be treated for prostate cancer. Go to curingprostatecancer.com if this interests you. Order the Curing Prostate Cancer Q&A book, and request to speak with a physician.

Good luck JT.

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