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Hey y'all, I know I've broached this subject before...but how do you live with the insomnia? I started taking my bp pills at night for a couple weeks, but I would then sleep til 12:30 or so. Today I took it in the am and I am wide awake at 2:45 am. I didn't nap in the afternoon, even tho I wanted to, thinking that I would sleep tonight. No such luck. Any help? Thanks, Melodie

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I can relate to the insomnia, which is much worse since having gone through treatment. I've never been a very good sleeper though. I tried Melatonin and it didn't really work. Now I take Tylenol PM when I want a decent night's sleep. Can you take it?

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I also tried Melatonin, Ambien, Ativan...have not tried the PM products. Seems like if I take anything I sleep too much, or they put me to sleep for a couple hours and then I'm wide awake again. I drink Sleepytime Tea before bed, take hot baths (but it's so cold in my house that doesn't seem to help). With the a-plastic anemia I can't seem to get warm. My poor husband. He works outside all day and he would like the ac to be set on 72 or 73. We keep it at 76, and I'm still wearing flannels and sweats, and he's in shorts. I'll keep plugging along. thanks, Melodie

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Ambien has been my friend since diagnosis.

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