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Vaginal pain

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I am having some pain in my vagina, kind of like shooting pain.
The pain is not constant.
Have you experienced this kind of pain?

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I've not had this, but will tell you after all the surgeries my husband has had on joints and my hysterectomy, so many times with surgery the nerves are affected. Nerves can cause pain if they're bothered and will get better over time.

As with anything related to cancer, if your gut feeling tells you "something isn't right", get to your doctor to calm your mind. Let him tell you "all is just fine" or "lets look further". Cancer is sneaky and worst thing any of us can do is put our heads in the sand and ignore. Possibly just a call to his office to express your concern about the pain and see if they even suggest seeing the doc.

Best to you...

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Sometimes I get what I call roving pains. Sharp quick pains (pinchy) that can show up everywhere. I think of it like a computer that has blimps every once in awhile. I know others on this site have had them.

However, if you are experiencing pains in the same area repeated, etc., please ask your doctor about it. Somehow you actually will know the difference. Sort of have a "gut" feeling. I did anyway.

But either way, always check with your doctor. It is always better to ask.

My best to you!


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I agree wtih the previous posters - always mention any pain, no matter how small or inconsequential it feels. I do get odd aches and pains in my lower back, pelvis, and have had shooting pains in vagina and sort of "dragging" sensations near the bladder area, but all have been of short duration.
My oncologist always asks me whether I have had any pain or symptoms like that when I see her, but has also said that pain due to cancer returning would most likely be more constant or of longer duration.
We have all been through so much that our nerves must be shot to pieces, so not surprising if we get odd tweaks!
Hope all goes well for you.
Kindest regards

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