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Claritin to help with Neupogen side effects?

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I noticed that one or two of you mentioned taking Claritin the day of your neupogen shots....I assume this abates some of the side effects. Can someone verify/deny this? I'm in treatment and have had to take the neupogen shots from the get go (4 each chemo session). I am getting increased bone/joint pain which I attribute to these shots. Would the claritin help? Thanks for any info. Melanie

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I am done with chemo but still have the joint and bone pains. Would Clariten help with that at this stage?....just wondering!

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I was told to take a clariten tablet the morning of the day I receive my neulasta injection. This injection is given the day after my chemo. I did this the first round of chemo and it did make the headaches lessen; this round it seems to be helping more. Have not had the joint aches but I do take turmeric tablets on a regular basis and that does help that problem. Hope this info helps.


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Turmeric is great!!! It really helps with inflammation. You may already know this, but if you are on chemo right now, you should discontinue taking it for a couple of days before and after treatment.

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The printed Neulasta information sheet from my medical oncologist instructed me to take the 24-hour Claritin before the injection, and then once daily for 7 days. So I did, and I can report that I had NO pain. Of course, maybe I wouldn't have had any without the Claritin, but I didn't care to test that "the hard way". Caveat: I've had only one Neulasta injection so far.

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