tumor progressed

kelli1843 Member Posts: 72
I finished my 2nd round of chemo late June (jan - may last year, with lung radiation; the brain rad in august as precautionary, then chemo jan - june this year).

I've felt really good for last couple weeks, and had my CT scans last week. Felt good about them...then talked to onco office who sheduled me appt for tomorrow as scans showed tumor progressed. Onco Doc wants to discuss a different treatment.

Soooo, spent all this weekend freaking about it. I thought for sure things looked better since I felt so much better. I know they told me beforehand that this type of tumor reoccurs, but it was just so disappointing to hear the work "progressed".

I'll find out tomorrow what exactly that means and what treatment onco doc wants to do. This news hit me harder than what I originally heard I had lung cancer.