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My Magnificent Craig

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It is with tears in my eyes and a trembling hand that I have to break the news to you all that my partner Craig passed away last Monday.

The end was very swift and peaceful and just 3 hrs after we arrived at our local Hospice, originally for a blood transfusion.

Craig was talking almost to the very end and we had no idea he was fading so fast having told the doctor just an hour before he wanted the transfusion to get some energy for a visit from his family scheduled for this week.

I firmly believe he had not given up, but his body could not go on. He was in no pain and for that I am going to be forever grateful.

Craig was only 33 and it was almost 2 years since he was diagnosed, when it had already spread to the Liver.

Craig was a magnificent man, I was so proud to know and love him, he never had a bad word to say about anyone and was the kind of person who lit up a room when he entered with his engaging manner.

We had 12 wonderful years together and I will miss him terribly.

I would like to thank you all for your support and advice and encourage you to fight the good fight, I wish you all well for the future.



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Oh Gary, I am so sorry! 12 years of wonderful memories that will indeed last a lifetime. It is for you and for Craig and for all the people, lives, families torn up and cut short by this horrid Beast- it is for all that we ALL go on, pledging to live life to it's fullest, as though we are living it for them! Carry your beloved Craig in your heart and soul and I pray you find comfort in that in the days, weeks and times ahead. *hugs*

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Thank you for loving him. I say this with all my heart.

You have brought much to this board, and your role as caregiver was one taken for all the right reasons. You know I believe the caretakers are the ones that get the brunt of this disease.

Please continue to drop in on us and keep us posted on your life.

Your friend in the US,


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Oh dear Gary, I am so very sorry to hear this terrible news. My heart is simply breaking for you. May those wonderful memories of your time together help you through your grief. My deepest condolences go out to you. -- Cynthia

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Prayers to you and both your families. Kim

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My deepest sympathies to you and Craig's family on his passing.

While it is never easy to lose a loved one, its seems all the harder when it is someone so young and so much to offer those they meet.

You are lucky to have had 12 years with him, and he was lucky to have someone like you with him to the end.

Take care of yourself and treasure the memories of your time together. Please stop in once in a while and let us know how you are doing.


Marie across the pond who loves kitties

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I am very sorry for your loss. Its such a pity to lose someone so young to this ugliness.

I am glad you were there with him at the end and were able to share 12 great years together. My thoughts are with you during this difficult time.


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I'm so sad you lost him, but it sounds like you both had a wonderful life together and memories can never be taken away. I'm glad that he wasn't in any pain and you were there for him for this journey that he had wasn't easy. May you have comfort and peace from knowing that magnificent Craig.


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dear gary,

i am sorry graig passed so fast, but in another breathe maybe it was a real kindness, no pain, no drawn out torturous end. my friend you sound like you have warm and wonderful memories, enjoy them, grieve and live very well, you too have been to hell.

look in on us from time to time.


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a great console to you! .
My biggest hug goes to you!

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My heart holds great sadness to hear of your loss...and I'm not very good with consoling words. Take heart in what you've had together and hold your memories dear. I do believe we rejoin all of our loved ones after this life, and I know you reunion will be joyous when it comes. Live out some good new stories to share with Craig when you meet again.

Love, Janine

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My heart is so saddened at your news. You were a very loving and caring partner and I know that Craig felt your love everyday. May you still feel his love surrounding you, just his body has left this earth, his soul is still wrapped in your love.
I'm sorry for your loss of his physical being. Gary, I'm sending you my hugs, take care dear.
Winter Marie

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Hi Gary,

I'm very sorry for your loss of Craig. This dreaded disease takes far too many people. Every time I hear of someone passing from cancer, it's like a fist in my gut, but I'm going to fight all the harder because of it! Bless you & you will always have your memories- no one can ever take those away from you. Thank you for sharing and you have my heartfelt condolences.


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I'm sorry for your loss,at least you got to say goodbye.I'm sure you had some good years together,at least he's not in pain anymore,and in a better place.I wish you good luck,and peace.

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So sad...I'm so sorry for your loss.

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for your loss, I am glad he went peacefully and mostly that you had 12 great years together...I am sure you have wonderful memeories that will last you your life time...I too believe you will see him again...Take care of yourself, remember you are still alive and I know he would want you to live your life and find happiness....

Take care and God Bless

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