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Use of Creon 12 in pancreatic cancer

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My husband was diagnosed with cancer of the bile duct in February 2011. His doctors refer to this as pancreatic cancer and apparently every abdominal organ has been affected by the spread of this disease. He is 89 years of age and was not considered a candidate for chemo, radiation treatments or surgery. I was to bring him home and make him "comfortable." Creon 12 has been prescribed for use before each meal and nexium is to be given 30 minutes before breakfast each day. However, in an effort to prolong his life, I am limiting his intake of fats and majoring on low to no fat foods, whole grains, fresh fruits and as many vegetables as he will tolerate. Is anyone using Creon and if so, what have been the results? He constantly burps and has bouts of hiccups which keep him awake at night. Thanks.

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I have been using Creon for about a year - it's nothing more than a replacement for digestive enzymes that aren't properly released from the pancreas. When I started taking it, I may have had slightly increased diarrhea, but since this is a symptom of my carcinoid cancer as well as a consequence of the surgery to treat it, I can't really judge whether this was a Creon effect or not. Otherwise, I feel terrible when I do NOT take Creon, but no side effects of it per se. When I don't take Creon, I suffer from unbearable gas/bloating and fatty stools (despite the fact that I try to minimize fats).

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