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Looking for other possible resources

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My friend's 15 year old son was diagnosed with AA Grade 3 in August of 2010. He was treated at Dana Farber with surgery, experimental gene therapy and radiation. It is located on his Thalamus eliminating many possible treatments including Chemo. Follow up MRI showed 52% reduction, 6 weeks later weakness was shown on his opposite side and another MRI showed it was at it's original size again. Another MRI is scheduld for August 1st. She visited MD Anderson and was told they would do the same thing Boston is doing.
She wants to be prepared for anything she may hear on the 1st, including there is nothing else they can do which is what was alluded to. I have seen Duke referenced on several entries and was wondering if anyone is aware of any other hospital who would take a more radical approach (assuming Children's is not, which we don't know) or any other avenues she could research as any mother would want to do to help her son.
Thanks very much.

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Hi there,
My daughter, 13, goes to Dana Farber/ Jimmy Fund Clinic also. She has been diagnosed with AA3 in March 2010. She has had 4 brain surgeries and through all this I have met several families from all around the country. Yes MD Anderson is one of the best for Brain cancer but, the families I have met travel to Boston Childrens/ Dana Farber because they are also one of the best. They are willing to work with other hospitals if there is another treatment out there that they do not commonly use. This cancer is evil, and no one should have to suffer with this, ecspecially kids. I am just wondering if your friend lives in Manchester, NH?

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Yes she is..I have heard her speak of you and your daughter. Happy to hear your daughter is doing well.

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