3 months after AP resection

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Hello all... I finally became a member of the site after reading stories and situations for a long time... I had an AP resection April 21 2011 at the age of 41 due to rectal cancer. before that they tried to shrink the tumor with radiation and chemotherapy. It shrunk but the surgeon thought the best thing to do was to take the entire rectum out and sew up my rear end. I'm happy with his decision... It's comforting knowing that if it returns I did everything possible. I'm currently, taking xeloda 500 mg twice a day.. God has spared me from the nasty affects of this drug so far.. Thank you God. I'm still trying new products and I'm excited about the new product from convatec called vitila or something like that it may help with my main concern that I listed below... By the way... they think they got all the cancer and my my lymph nodes 29 or so all came back negetive.

My main concern is the noise my stoma makes... I start teaching high school students again in the fall,

if I posted this in the wrong spot please forward it to where it should go... buzzard you are my kind of guy...