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Small lump by collar bone, can this be problem with port?

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My dad (stage 4 colon with mets to liver) just noticed a lump by his collar bone, near the middle. Naturally he is worried. He does have a port and I was wondering if it could have anything to do with that? I cant think of anything (lymph nodes, ect) else it could be and I want to comfort him til he can see the doc on Monday. All suggestions appreciated. It feels hard (bone like)

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It totally sounds like just his port tube to me. I can feel mine very clearly. He may be able to feel it track back to his chest as I can.

In any case, nothing is going to change between now and Monday, so I suggest he put it out of his mind and enjoy his weekend.

All the best!


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You can feel where it goes over the collarbone, and if he's just noticing it for the first time,it can be startling.

Once my port was removed, it felt weird NOT to have that little bump there!

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