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Pneumonia with lung cancer, Stage IV

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Well she came out of the staph infection pretty good. But she was home for about a week and a half and now she is back in the hospital with pneumonia. She is battling this fever and can't seem to break it. They have her on about 4 different antibiotics and it is a slow go right now. I know even with a healthy person pneumonia is hard to overcome, but with all of the other complications she has I am hoping she can pull through this one. They are giving her radiation on her arm for the bone tumor though, so that is good. And her oncologist still isn't sure if he is going to put her back on chemo or not. He doesn't know if it will even help any at this point. So of course it's more wait and see. Has anyone on here caregiver or patient that has had pneumonia with lung cancer pull through ok or what?

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My mother has small cell lung cancer and when she was first diagnosed she had pneumonia AND a tumor in one lung. The pneumonia was in both lungs. It was tough and took a couple of weeks but she did recover from it. Keep hope!

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I like your profile photo. And I agree 100%.

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is very difficult to overcome when healthy so it good that your mother is in the hospital. There she will get anything available to help her combat the pneumonia. I have never had pneumonia since dx but have had it once about 20+ years ago, so sorry I can't help you with your mother's current plight. So sorry Deb, that your mother has to go thru so so much. It makes my heart sad for both of you and makes me mad that there is a disease that causes so much grief, pain, heartache and we are left so helpless. I remember you and your mother in my prayers Deb. I am sending positive thoughts for a turn around in her condition so that she may get back on track with her tx. Be strong Deb and we are here for you both. God bless all of us! Cheryl

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Hi Deb, So sorry to hear about your mom, but never give up hope, and what is possible these days. I have NSCLC, it was dx. in Sept. 09, after completing my chemo/radiation treatments they tried surgically to remove it but because of it's location turned out to be inoperable. In April this year, I had a VATS surgery to remove a nodule in the opposite side, which this time was successful, however shortly after being released from the hospital I contacting pleurisy and pneumonia. I was on a multitude of medications, including inhalers as well. So to answer your question it is possible to overcome, it takes longer for those of us who have lung cancer, but is possible. Unlike your Mom's case I was no longer receiving treatments. But with all the many mix and match chemo cocktails out there, I'm sure the Dr.s will find the right one. Keeping you both in prayer.

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My mom (stage 4) had that after an intense 8 week radiation schedule. They put her on steroids and she blue up llike a balloon. Her lungs were so full of fluid even her scans were unreadable. She has since cleared (it took about 10 weeks) for the most part and down to 10mg of steroids. Still somewhat swollen but that will go down with time. I hope your mom is on the mend soon.

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