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Recurrent (persistent) Anal Cancer--Please Help!

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Would very much appreciate feedback from members about treatment suggestions for recurrent (persistent) anal cancer and/or HPV that have worked (or not worked) for other people. My mother was just diagnosed with a second recurrence (persistent disease) of poorly differentiated anal squamous cell carcinoma with basaloid features (cloacogenic carcinoma) first diagnosed in 12/07 as T2N1. Currently only local tumour in scar tissue at same site as original tumour with no metastasis and no lymph node involvement. Tumour is HPV 16 positive with prior history of Cervical CIN 3 in 1984 TX Cone Biopsy and Cervical Carcinoma in Situ TX Hysterectomy 1993. Anal Cancer TX Nigro Protocol IMRT radiation and 5FU-Mitomycin C chemotherapy 2/08-3/08. Recurred first time in 11/09 in scar at same site as original tumour. TX HDR Brachytherapy 4/10. Recurred again 6/11. Would very much appreciate feedback from members about treatment suggestions for recurrent anal cancer that have worked or not worked for other anal squamous cell carcinoma patients. APR colostomy surgery is not an option for my 85 year old mother due to her age and debilitated state from battling anal cancer for 4 years. Your help and suggestions would be so deeply appreciated. I really love my mother and thank you in advance for your kindness in responding. Good luck and good health to all of you!

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I responded to your post on another forum, so I will not repeat myself here. However, I just wanted to wish your mother all the very best. Perhaps someone on this site can give you some helpful information.

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Hello, I have no further suggestions, as my understanding is that the colostomy would be the next step. I wonder if they would be able to do the nano surgery on this area. I know there is a limited amount of hospitals with this capability. Other than new technology I know of nothing else. I hope you will inquire at the major medical centers, to see if there is anything else to offer. I wish you and your mom well. Lori

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thanks so much for taking the time to respond. lori do you know which hospitals do nano surgery and have you heard of anyone who has had it? wishing you all good health and continued NED!

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