Lung biopsy during whole brain radiation.... can you, should you, have you?

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My wife's first biopsy tissue has been depleted. She at some time will have another one to be retested on some mutations (efgr, eml4-alk) and tested on some others (kras and VeriStrat protein).

Since she is doing whole brain radiation we would like to get the biopsy done now so we can get some results and hit the ground running. I'm very patient and understand that sometimes things take a while, but like all of us, want to eliminate wasted time when possible.

Our doctor's nurse said that probably would not happen. We are meeting with the Onc next week, but I want to know of others experience/knowledge before we meet with her. I'm taking the stance of "trust, but verify."

So has anyone here had a lung biopsy while receiving whole brain radiation? Should we, could we. I don't need the disclaimers of "ask your doctor." We are going to... I want YOUR knowledge and what YOU have been told.

Thanks everybody.


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    The first biopsy tissue
    New with all of this since Jan/2011, when I called the Hospital to get about 11 slides to be brought to Sloan Kettering for a second opinion the pathology lady had told me they keep the tissue for I believe she said 15yrs so how does it deplete? Just trying to educate myself for Mom thats all. Mom tested neg for all testing the Onc. states :(

    No I have never heard of BX during WBR so can not respond to that question im sorry. Mom had 10 days of WBR in Feb.
    And yes im like you im always going to the board asking first to educate myself so I could be prepared with more questions.
    Prayers your way...