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When did your cancer reocurr? And where?

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Hi ladies. Please give your stage and grade and how many months or years when you had a reoccurence and where it reoccurred. Thanks.

sue K
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Hi Mary
I was interested to read your post. I was diagnosed with cancer in June 2009. I had total hysterectomy, followed by chemo and radiotherapy. I was told that I had a 50% chance of surviving the first 5 years after diagnosis.
I am free of cancer for now....or am I? I don't know how I would know if the cancer had recurred. The doctors do not like to do more scans and say that they would react to symptoms. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia resulting from the chemo, so I get pains all over,so how do I tell if its that or a recurrent cancer?
Do other ladies have regular scans? Or how did they discover a cancer returning.
I shall be interested to hear from anyone who can advise.

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Hi Mary,

Originally diagnosed stage 3a, grade 3 uterine papillary serous (upsc) endometrial cancer. I think it was really stage 4 in retrospect due to PET scan taken after surgery.

After completing 6 rounds of chemo, I discovered enlarged supraclavicular lymph node (by collarbone in neck) 15 months later.

I had surgery, biopsy, chemo and radiation - completed 8 months ago.

All good now and Got my fingers crossed.

Mary Ann

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- Original hysterectomy in 2001 for atypical hyperplasia (no cancer found)
- 1st recurrence (doh! how can something recur which wasn't there first time around!) 7 years later in 2008 at vaginal vault, Grade 1,(received radiotherapy)
- 2nd recurrence 2.5 years later in 2010, at vaginal vault again and wrapped around colon, Grade 2, (6 cycles are carbo/taxol, finished Feb 2011, currently NED)


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Hi Mary. I was recently diagnosed with Uterine Cancer in Dec.2010. I had my Total Hysterectomy on the 21st of Dec. I love the doctor i see at our Cancer Center. My doctor had given me a list of foods to eat that would be good for me, and what foods are not so good for me. I was not able to be on medication for the side effects due to the type of cancer I have. So I am going it all alone. My Cancer was stage1. I am going every three months for two years for a check up and pelvic exams. He told me my chances for a reoccurance was 3%. I am wanting to know if that is what you were told. I too suffer from total body pain. And to top it all off I was just in for another surgery, removal of my Gall Bladder. This was my fifth surgery since December. I know Carzy! LOL....

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I had a mass in my abdomen in May 2006. I had a total hysterectomy and found out that I had Ovarian/Endometrial Cancer and there had been just a trace in one lymph node. I had the 6 chemo treatments (Carbo/Taxol) and then 5 week of Radiation and 3 interior radiation treatments. The CA125 numbers have been below 10 as of before the 3rd chemo treatment. In 2009 the Radiologist noticed spots on my lung but they were too small to biopsy. The two in my right lung grew some and I had a PET scan and he decided that it may just be the way I was breathing. In June 2011, I went for my yearly at my Internist and on the routine chest x-ray was a place on my right lung that wasn't there last year. I had a CT scan which indicated that I needed to have a PET scan and a lung biopsy. The Endometrial Cancer is now in my right lung and it is there in two places. The Oncologist/Gyno said that he needed more information on the receptors of the tumors and that would determine which option he would take. The receptors were negative and he has me on Tamoxifen, and he told me that it was not curable but it was treatable. I go back towards the end of September to see if the Tamoxifen is doing what it is supposed to do. The next step will be more chemo.

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