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Ammonia Levels in Liver

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My Mom had her liver surgery last Tuesday. She is recoverying and her vitals are good, she is in ICU waiting for another bed to become available on another floor. She has very hi levels of Ammnoia in her liver, which have caused her to have personality and behavior changes, confusion and tremors in her hands.

The Drs are giving her laxatives to flush ammonia out of her system. The Drs say this is normal for someone who has had 40-50% of her liver removed, along with her age 72.

Has anyone every witnessed or encountered this.

I look forward to any responses.

All The Best - Liz

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Hi Liz,
I had very elevated amonia levels but mine was due to another reason. The meds I took for my seizure disorder did not mix with my chemo and my Amonia levels shot thru the roof. I became disoriented beyond belief. This went on for a few weeks. It finally got so bad that they hauled me away in an ambulance. I had no clue who I was..where I was..or what I was doing. I lost control of bowels.... was SCREAMING about pain in my back and feet...but there was nothing wrong with either..it was all in my head. It's so had to believe that elevated levels can do that to a persons mind. So if your Mom is acting like she has lost it...don't worry..she will be back when amonia levels get normal. I was unconscious for the first 2 days in the hospital. I let mine go too long....because I kept refusing to believe there was something wrong. After a week... I was back to normal...or as normal as I get..lol... on different seizure meds since then. oh...the tremors were in my hands..feet and my vocal chords...I talked like I was hoarse..very strange... you take care


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Thanks Jennie -

Hopefully her amonia levels will improve soon. It's scary to see. I just want my Mom back.

Thanks again - Liz

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