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water squirt bottle

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all those who are new. please get a water bottle with little holes in top and spray your bottom after a bowel movement. do not use wipes or toilet paper. it will scratch. my water bottles came from patient supply at MD Anderson. they are smaller and thinner than the regular type of water bottle that you use for excercise so that you can reach under you in the toilet . a fabulous nurse brought me one AFTER i had finished tx and was in ICU for side effects. i have told MDA that all anal cancer patients need this bottle immediately. just a hint. sephie

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Sephie's right. My radiation onc nurse gave me one and called it a peri-bottle. Yes, same as after having babies. I still have mine on the back of my toilet so I smile when I see it.
"Peri" and I were very special friends!

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My radiologist joust says use ditz bath. I am login the tune that feeds from the bag. But I will look for what you are writing about here. Thanks.

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The peri-bottle was for right after I went to the bathroom to clean myself, or even while relieving myself of urine. I used the bathtub as a sitz bath a few times a day. I also carried the bottle with me for cleaning-on-the-go!:)

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