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HCC w/Cirrhosis

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Hi Everyone,

I just found this site and wanted to make a quick post before I go to sleep. It's quite late and my wife is sleeping soundly. Was diagnosed HCC in March w/ 6+cm tumor. Too large for surgery or transplant. Have Hep-C w/cirrhosis and portal vein thrombosis. Have done 1 partial Chemoembolism that didn't work. Just had my workup mapping surgery for Theraspheres and am scheduled for the y-90 surgery first of August. Would really like to communicate with anyone that is or has been going through this. I have been prescribed Nexavar, but haven't started it yet and now not sure I want to because of side effects vs benefit. Don't think I can stand any more fatigue and poor appetite than already.

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hey ace i sem to be haveing the same problems you are haveing. my first tace didnt work dr wants to do a second tace. i read alot of good things about the y/90. i asked my dr and he said that kaiser sunset didnt offer but he would sub out if needed. i wanted the y/90 you are luc are fortunate to have a dr offering the treatment good luck

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My husband has had 3 TACE procedures and Y-90 in April to reduce size of 4 new tumors. Two are gone and one is 3.1 cm which makeshim out of creiteria for transplant. He will be having a RFA soon to take care of that one so he can get back on the Transplant list. He also has been on Nexavar since january 2010. So if you need to know anything about the procedures or Nexavar feel free to email: slg72@aol.com
He would not have come this far without all .....

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My dad has HHC with Cirhosis n Portal Vein Thrombosis. He was undergone radio embolization in May 2011 and had nexavar for 3 months. The medicine has reduced him to bones and skin.... just wanted to check what is y/90 surgery??

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Y-90 is not a surgery but more of a procedure by injecting radio active pallets directly towards the tumor vein to "kill" the tumor.It is a very effective treatment with minimal side effect. Type in Y-90 treatment on google and you should have a ton of info. I had the treatment twice and it worked for me prior surgery. Good luck with your Dad..

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