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I was wondering what kind of water do you all drink?
I have been drinking plastic bottles water, but I am changing to filtered.
I am about to order one of those pitcher with filter, PUR or BITRA, and I was wondering if anyone have used it before.

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I drink filtered water.

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Just be sure you watch the plastic bottles made from BPA...highly toxic. I've switched to glass or containers that aren't plastic. Also, BPA is in many other plastic products such as storage, etc. I've gone to all glass and if they have plastic lids, I DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE DISHWASHER OR MICROWAVE.

FYI I as well drink filtered water.

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Posts: 438
Joined: May 2011

I am definitely switching to glass. In fact, I am buying 16 oz glass bottles to fill everyday as I drink my 64 oz of water. (I am buying a water filter.)


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Double Whammy
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We've been planning to purchase a reverse osmosis system, but my husband hurt his back and he's too cheap to pay a plumber. In the meantime, I'm drinking bottled water because our water is horrid, but I do worry about BPAs.

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I wish I can do it, but we live in an apartment.

The water filter I am looking is from AQUASANA.
Doing some research, I found out that this brand is not registered under NSF International, The Public Health and Safety Company.

Anyone heard of this brand?

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I have an excellent, deep well at home (which I have tested every six months at a lab) and use the Brita pitcher at the beach.

I just saw a water filtration system that you can put in under your sink. I think that would be less onerous than filling the pitcher all the time.

I have been at my daughter's for two weeks - she went into premature labor 7 weeks early, was hospitalized for 5 days, and sent home on bed rest. I am taking care of her and my two- year old grandson. The heat index here has been 115 for the last few days and they MOVED/are moving this weekend. So I also have been packing for the last two weeks.The power company here has rolling blackouts and the house they are (temporarily) moving into was 84 all day yesterday.

No time for the computer or much else.

Thank goodness I have found reserves that I did not know I had. I also ache in places that I did not know could hurt!

So.....I have been drinking LOTS of water recently!

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Tap water..

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