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I am very excited to say that during my mom's debulking on Friday, i was a nervous wreck but it was a success! They removed the omentum, hysterectomy, they only had to shave the liver, and spleen and other stuff. They only left a little bit in stomach that would have caused too much damage. She said 90% of tumors were removed which was the optimal debulking and with three more chemos she should be in or atleast near remission. I am relieved for now. I am not gonna jump in the air like the problems are over but she could be cancer free in a couple months. I know she has alot of pain to get through but day 2 and she was already sitting in a chair eating ice chips. I am soooooo proud of her. This comes from the woman who wanted hospice. I cannot go see her cuz no children are allowed but my dad and sister go. She is in philly which is like 45 minutes from us.
Hopefully she will be home by thursday. When we first found out she had it the general surgeon closed her up and said she was done for and now she is a little bit down the road from(hopefully) freedom from this sick disease. Will keep ya's posted! More hope for everyone that there is more progress in this type of cancer. Amen! God bless!

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I remember your first post and I am so glad she took the chance on the chemo and surgery. I am so happy for her and her loving family. Yes, she has a long way still to go but she has proven she can do it. Do keep us posted...success stories are what feeds our souls and keeps us all going!

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Yeah for your mom. That is great news! Keep us posted!

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I was really glad to hear about your Mom. She's come through a lot. :)

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So glad to hear her surgery was a success. I hope you are able so see her soon.
Keep us posted! XXX

Best Friend
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Mom's on her way home as we speak. It is just amazing.

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That's wonderful news about your mother.
Congratulations to her and to all those who love her.

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