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need some friends

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Hello to all. Wife and I thought a vacation in Calif. would be great, but one day in March of 2011 my tounge felt sore--Cancer of Sliva gland and tounge and Pep Scan showed it met.to the right lung as a stage four.Doc said I'm terminal and at best maybe one to two years of life. Next week I start the chemo and rads--they use words like we can not cuure you but we can treat it.How many time can they treat this--if any? Have no pain except the gland and tounge. We came to Wa.st for treatment and have no friends to talk to--

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I also have a cancer of the glands called Adenocarcinoma. They beleive mine started in the nodules in the lungs, hidden from CT scans. It took them 8 months to diagnose me. Dr said most only have 6-9 mo without treatment I'm lucky to be here to get a diagnosis and finally treatment. I received chemo from August - November 2010 and have had no new cancer growth since my scan in Cotober 2010. There is no cure, but keep your faith and enjoy every moment you have. Suround yourself with people you love, and do things you enjoy. Don't worry about the things that you cannot control. You have to have a positive attitude faith and strengh to fight this cancer with all you have within you.

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Seems like thats all we do these days is wait, now we have to stand in line for death, pardon me but I'm not going to stand in that line. A few weeks ago I was down to 118lbs.and said this to my wife"I'm tired of standing in this line--like since March with a dozen test thats taken mo.with the same results each time At last, next week the treatment starts.I,ve taken so many supplements that I've gained four lbs. A friend sent me two bags of Apricot seeds to cure the cancer--it's called vitiam B17 therapy--ever here of it.

Did you say that your cancer is UN-cureable but treatable? Trying to find out if the one treatment is it. thanks for the up-lift rarph

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That you not put your faith in apricot seeds (laetrile), which can be dangerous. I don't think your friend did you any favors, there ;(

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The friend was my 26yr.old son who is into self healing/nature healing/food healing and everything in between.They said nI have stage 4 of the siliva gland/tounge and it went to the right lung.Thursday I start rad.and so far have no pains or anything except a small pain on the right side of jaw--cannot drink water very good--some foods have a hard time going down--lost 15lbs suppelments reversed the weight loss and I put pot in penut butter that allows a very good night sleep. I tink all of us with this cancer looks for anything that could heal or save us

Take care--Rufus--The bag of Apricots are un opened

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Sorry to hear you are dealing with all of this. This a good board to find out info, vent, or connect with others. I do not know why some doctors use the word terminal but we are all terminal the minute we are born. Anyway, if you do not feel comfortable with the treatment plan or diagnosis, don't be afraid to get a second opinion. Don't listen to statistics either. People are beating those stats everyday! This is no cake walk by any means, but you have to stay positive and get educated on your type of cancer, as well as treatment options. Have a good support team around you. They are much needed in everyday tasks while you are in treatment. Take it one day at a time, keep a positive attitude and keep your body as healthy as possible to help the fight. Keep us posted on how you are doing. Prayers to you and positive thoughts. Cheryl

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Hello, I just loss my best friend of 33 years to stage 4 lung cancer 9 days ago. Chemo is hard, It's zaps you real hard. You must walk and walk and walk. DO NOT lie around and become weak. If you do then you have a chance of Phenomena!! I have never been so sad in my life as I am today. She and I were like sisters. She was my life. I just don't know what to do now. I hope you do well my friend,

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Glenna M
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You will meet many people here who can help you with any questions you may have or if you just need to chat with someone who knows what you are going through.

I had NSCLC in left lung and SCC laryngeal cancer in 2009, went through radiation and chemo and was in remission for almost two years. PET scan last month showed activity in both lungs and lymph nodes in center of lungs. Waiting for more tests to determine the treatment plan this time. My doctors told me that both cancers were inoperable but treatable but never did they tell me I was terminal. There is always hope!!

Stay strong,

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