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hip replacement and frequent bathroom trips

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Hi. I recently found out I need a hip replacement and am scared to death. Not so much for the operation but for the aftermath. I have many, many bowel movements in the am and am so scared that I can't get out of bed in time. The doctor said I would have a commode but I am wondering if I will be in hip pain. Will I be mobil enough to get up and down that many times? And what if I don't have that commode. That has happened to me before. Anyway, I am wondering if any of you have had this problem. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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My Hubby had a hip replacement in 09/09.
It is a tough surgery. He was in the hospital for one week
and rehab for two weeks, during that time he had to use a bed pan whenever he had to go.
At the rehab center they will teach you how to sit on the toilet, how to get into the bathtub etc.
recovery took about three months, take it slowly don't rush because
you do not want to dislocate your hip, so please don't rush to get better
your body will tell on it's own when you are better.
Good luck.

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Hi -

I had my left hip replaced in 6/08. I was in the hospital for 4 days. I came home on a walker (used one crutch to get up stairs). Ditched the walker at 8 days post op, used a cane and finally ditched that at 6 weeks. (Make sure you get a large head, metal on metal hip - fewer restrictions and much more longevity.)

Regarding bathroom issues. I had a so-called "3 in one" bedside commode delivered to the house. Remove the pot and it served as a raised toilet seat and also could be used as a shower seat. I have a two story house and my husband would bring it down after my shower and take it back up in the PM. If I did it again, I'd get two, one for up and one for down, even if insurance would not pay.

I didn't have urgency issues, but since you do, you'd probably want the bedside commode actually by your bed. Then maybe another for shower / normal toilet use. Even if you have to pay, they are not that expensive.

The hip replacement is the best thing I ever did. There is a YAHOO joint replacement group that shares good info, although of course not CRC related.

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I too poop many MANY times a day!!


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