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Low Dose Naltrexone, LDN

miss maggie
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Hi everyone,

I need some information please. The blood work I had in May 2011 was extremely
good. The exception was 2 Immunoglobulin levels. They were just shy of being

LDN is a low dose treatment with no side effects to boost the immune system.
It was used for MS, HIV, etc. It is also being used for cancer patients
to boost the immune system, especially all Lymphoma's. I will ask my
oncologist when I see her in Sept 2011.

Meanwhile, any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

NHL gone Jan 2011 Love Maggie

allmost60's picture
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Hi Maggie,
Here is a web site that might help explain things for you. I hope you find something in here that helps. The information appears to be current (April 2011), but as you said, you will check with your doctor first, which is always the right thing to do.
Love..Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

miss maggie
Posts: 929
Joined: Mar 2010

My friend,

Thanks for the website. I did manage to copy and paste into my files info
on LDN. I will check to see if the site you posted is one of them.

As always, I thank you and think of you and everyone often. I see from a prior
post you said "the cancer will return". As long as it is treatable, that would
be the good news for you. Who knows what's ahead of me???? Remission or Gone, I
will not think of anything negative, just enjoy each day.

It does seem you and I, and others are able to still enjoy our lives. Thank God.

All my blessing my friend, Love Maggie ( I love posting my friend). Those words
are from you, love it.

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Posts: 3184
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Hi Maggie,
I think the hardest thing for me to grasp when my doctor confirmed the kind of cancer I have, was when he said "it will come back". I have asked him repeatedly throughout the year if he could give me an idea of when and where it will return, but his answer is always the same..."we just don't know". He said it's not curable, but there are many treatments available to keep it in check and to manage it. He said the indolent-(non-aggressive)-NHL's have been slow growing for years in our body. Being a Type A (no symptoms) we didn't even know the cancer was active until it showed up in the form of a tumor. Follicular NHL is just one of the sub-types that always seems to present itself down the road. I've come to terms with the fact that it will return and know I will just cross that bridge when the time comes. In the meantime, the only way for me to deal with this information and stay sane, is to just enjoy each day and think as positive as possible. Baby Lizzy is coming today while her parents go to the new Harry potter movie, so today is going to be a "great" day for me. Hope you have a good weekend Maggie, and stay cool...the news showed some very hot weather coming your way.
Much love...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

miss maggie
Posts: 929
Joined: Mar 2010

Dear Sue,

When I was first DX in Sept 2009, did some research, and listened to the
tele-comferences, the doctors did mention indolent can return, or possible
transform. At the time, my DX was indolent, stage 1, low grade, indolent, NHL.
I accepted the fact, only because the doctor did state it is treatable. Yes, type A
has no symptoms. As you know I also had no symptoms. I thought and worried when I was
told I would have no Rituxan maintenance. But, because my sub type was different, (not
Follicular NHL) maintenance is not needed.

My thoughts go back to the doctors I listened to from quite a few tele-conferences, and
also attending meetings from the top doctors in NYC, follicular is treatable. In my opinion,
as long as we feel ok, and can enjoy life, something good is happening in our bodies. Along
with the fact,you and I, are constantly being watched by our doctors. For you, receiving
Rituxan, having no side effects is wonderful. I forgot to mention, follicular and indolent is treatable.

You are so right in your attitude. No one knows what's in their future. I do believe if you
have to get some kind of cancer, most forms of Lymphoma is the way to go. We can't worry
about tomorrow, live for today and enjoy.

Today is Sunday, after running around all week, I was looking forward to staying home. Not
to be. I will be going to the club, then a BBQ and birthday party combined. I can't even
read my Sunday papers. The papers will have to wait until tomorrow.

My sweet Sue, there is a long life ahead of us from NHL. probably something else will get us. LOL.

Enjoy baby Lizzie. I always look forward to reading your post and seeing baby Lizzie's

Yes, I do love you. Stay healthy, happy and strong forever. Luv Maggie

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