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Second diagnoses??

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Hey Everyone,

It's been about 2 years since my surgery and RAI, but I still feel like crap all the time. More so tonight than ever I think. My doctor is thinking there may be some other cause as to why I still feel so horrible and my TSH levels keep jumping all over the place.

I was just wondering if any of you had any secondary diagnoses after having thyroid cancer. It's mostly a guessing game to figure it out so maybe if there are some common aliments it can help me speed up the process.

Thanks in advance :)

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Well here goes

I have
Sleep apnea and some other sleep disorder still being diagnosed
High blood pressure
Weight issues
Unspecified neurological condition (yea still trying to figure that one out)
Petela-femeral pain syndrome (bad knees)
Bad shoulder
Back problems
Neck problems
Ringing in the ears
Stress (see above)
Memory issues/brain fog (always tempted to put this one on the list 2+ times)
Daytime sleepiness
Low calcium
Low vitamin d
Low magnesium
Low phosphorus
Low potassium
Allergy’s ( to codeine, seasonal and we think some others)
Otosclerosis (so I now have implants in my ear so I can hear)
And I may have Ménière's disease
For some strange reason I am also getting a dread of hospitals and a fear of needles.

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It's funny how many of those I can check off for myself as well ... is there anything special to you do to combat the day-time sleepiness and all your body pains? I work with teens with special needs so my body pains are absolutely unbearable sometimes :/


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It took about two to Three years to get me settled on a Perfect number of synthroid and cytomel. My problems seem to come into check with both of these meeds. I don't think we will ever get the PERFECT world or Numbers that would make life easy for us. Just be patient and play with the meds. I have also tried some oils for different symptoms and they seem help me some. I work with pre school children and feel your pain the older I get the harder it gets. God Luck

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For daytime sleepiness I normally
1) Drink caffeine
2) B multivitamin complex
3) Nap if able
4) Aromatherapy inhaler (the combo I use listed below)
..b)tea tree oil
..d) Peppermint
5) light therapy (when i remember it)

As for the body pains I have a hot tub set at 98F so I can soak for as long as needed (after work) and not overheat my body. There is also a school that teaches massage therapy nearby and the students need to do a lot of practice on test people. I also do some yoga/tai-chi when able to but I have to be careful what I do cause of the vertigo


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Wife -- You definitely understand my body pains with you're with pre-k. Now just enlarge them into teenagers who need lifting out of their wheelchairs multiple times a day hahaha But thanks for the advice.. I'm currently messing with my synthroid, but I don't know what that other medicine you were talking about is for. What are you taking that for.. and should I be on it?? lol

Craig -- sorry humor is my defense mechanism.. a bit of a down fall I must say sometimes, but thanks for the heads up on the different oils I had no idea about them either, and what is the inhaler for? When you get too stressed out? I probably need one of those.. working with kids with special needs definitely gets me worked up at times (more so at my incompetent co-workers, but that's another story for another time haha) but I bet that would help me a lot.

Thanks again :)

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don’t complain about using humor it is defiantly needed at times.

I use the inhaler myself I use the Deluxe Pocket Inhaler from naturesgift.com I am not saying they are the best or the one to go for but it’s what I use.

The inhaler is used when I start to feel tired, sleepy, yes they work for stress. I recommend you are not near others when opening the inhaler some people have bad reactions to some scents.

I also use another inhaler called Quease EASE for nausea/vertigo this one was prescribed from my hospital.

Yes special needs kids can stress you out, almost as much as relatives or co-workers.

Be sure anytime you add any meds or over the counter or herbals that you update your list so when the doctor prescribes something he knows what else you are on and dose not prescribe a bad combination.

I have a bad sense of humor but I blame most of it on 20 years of military... oh wait that’s foul language and inappropriate comments.

the second med is Cytomel (T3) Liothyronine the med they gave you between your TT and your RAI.

Some of us including myself have found that a combination of Synthroid (T4) and Cytomel (T3) work much better than just synthroid.

Also some people use Armour (Desiccated pig thyroid) and most users of it say it’s much better since it contains all of the natural thyroid hormones.

If you are only on synthroid I would ask your doctor if you can try a synthroid/Cytomel regiment to see if it works better for you.

Hope this helps

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Laughter is the best medicine. There is actual proof that this is true. Check out this link.

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