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After 5 1/2 years finally got port out!

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I just wanted to share this news. I had my port put in in October of 2005 and been having the darn thing flushed for over 4 years once I was finished with treatment. That meant it was a monthly reminder all those years. I am happy to have it out.

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Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate!

Big hugs,


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So happy for you.

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Congratulations! Am so happy that you were finally able to get that done. What a huge struggle that has been for you!

Have a big celebration!


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did you have a port is gone party

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I am so glad for you!!! Glad you shared.

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Awesome News!!!

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Thank you all for your replies. Yes. We are planning a port party! lol

Everything went well but of course I ended up getting an allergic reaction to the bandage. It burned me all around and I have blisters at the base of the steri strips. Itchy as heck!

I only had one reaction like this before, but it was just itchy. Not blistery. I ended up pulling my bandage off, washing the area and drying it off. Some of the blisters that broke, seem to be filling up a little. My friend got me some hypoallergenic tape. I am going to try that.

I wonder if it depends where the bandages come from?

My best to all of you. Hope you all are having a lovely weekend!


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I just recently started to have a really bad reaction to the adhesive on the little round things they use to do an ECG/EKG? They would burn and itch and then sorta crust over like there was a chemical burn and that lasted over a week. Wonder if they've come out with some new fangled glue?? Technology!

Port party sounds like it's just what you need.

Love ya,


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Sara Zipora
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Great news about port.
Did you try 'paper' tape?
Doesn't stick as well as anti allergic but even less of a reaction.

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Thanks, Sara.

I usually don't have a reaction, but I also got blisters around the steri strips. What I think might have happened was that there was a chemicl reaction to the antibacterial stuff they put on your prior surgery and the adhesive on the bandage and steri strips. It was burny but I thought it was just healing not actually "burning".

My skin is so sensitive now that any tape makes it red. (chest area anyway).

Hope all is well with you.


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This is not the same case, but I develop an allergy but around the port area to the point that one day the clear plastic the put to hold the port during chemo almost rip open the scar from the port. It was very red and ha d a scab the next day, not to mention my skin around it was almost raw. Now the nurse used paper tape and as little as possible.

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