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thank you

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Thank you all for your replies, my husband seems so young to be going through so much sadness, our apt is tomorrow, and we are both hoping there will be a plan. How we are going to get through this night I don't know. Your replays are so encouraging.

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I am praying for your husband and you- and, yes, you WILL get through it!


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Let us know how the appointment goes. What you're going through is very hard but you will get through this. Just take one small step at a time.


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Not good news, one very small spot on liver and lung, not too concerned about this, but concerned about spreading to peritoneal, the acites is building up again, so he will have to be drained again soon. He will be starting second line treatment 24th july, Avastin with oxaliplatin and capecitabine,for 3mths going to chemo unit every 3 weeks, and tabs at home.
Has anyone been along this line?

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