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New... 22... and can't sleep!!

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Hey everyone...

I finally got around to signing up for this site. I'm 22, from ohio, and I was diagnosed with Papillary Thyroid Cancer back in Aug of 09.. had my surgery the same month.. and then had my RAI in December 09. I've had a million and one side effects and "medical mishaps" and currently still feel horrible. My doctors are trying to figure it all out. LOOOVE going to the cleveland clinic! (sarcasm of course lol) if anyone is traveling up here and needs a tour guide around the facility just let me know!! lol

I just graduated from OSU.. needed to take a year off and am currently applying to grad schools for occupational therapy. I love the kids I work for, they all have different degrees of special needs. Some days my body gets spent really quickly, but it's the best job in the world :) One of my girls with cerebral palsy actually helped me brave through my first surgery by showing me all her scars from her back surgeries. And now any time I complain about the loveeeely scar that is permanently on my neck she yells at me and shakes her finger. She's definitely my role model through it all :)

Alright I'm gonna stop rambling now :) I just wanted to thank all of you in advance who post on this site. I've already read through some of your posts and probably cried more than I like to admit lol because it's soooo nice to have people who get it without ever meeting me or knowing my story. I look forward to getting to know you!


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you have gone through a lot. How are you doing now? I had breast cancer and have been cancer free now going on 6 years. I hope and pray you're feeling a lot better and that you continue striving towards your aspirations and goals.

Hugs to you,


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