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Important appointment on Monday 7/18

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This is the day I should find out if I can get the AUS or not. I am so nervous about this appointment.

IF i just still still I can now get by on 3- 5 pads a day. But out wlaking I will run (pune intented) through a pad every hour 15- 20 minutes. And if the pad shifts at all I have wet underwear which I need to hold the pad in place.

Absolutely no sling for me.

I hope the AUS recall problems have been solved..... I am afraid to look.....

I have dropped 20 lbs preparing for surgery.

I am so mentally ready for this.

I will post the results of the appointment when I get back from U of MI on Monday.

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You've traveled a long way. Sounds like you are ready. Best wishes and Good Luck!

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We are all hoping for the best for you Trew!


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Looking forward to reading your post on the 18th with the info we all want to see. Good luck.

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Trew, I know this is what you have been waiting for and I hope all goes well for you.
I am marking my calendar to be sure I look for your post on the 18th.
Wishing you the best.


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More than best of luck to you, Trew. I have appreciated your interesting and informative posts. I await your news of success. Remember me, I may be next in line for an AUS.

One more question: Are you a Detroit Tiger fan? I am, and have been for 66 years. Hal Newhouser, Fred Hutchinson, Virgil Trucks, and Hank Greenberg were among my early heros. Thought this info might give you a lift. It's OK if you are not on the Tiger wave length. But pleeeze, I hope you are not a Yankee fan.

Thank you for bearing with me, Trew. Good luck on Monday.

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