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Stage 4 Lung Cancer with Mets...and curing it.

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When I found out my mother had stage 4 lung cancer with lymph and brain mets I in no way considered it a death sentence. She did not want chemo or radiation so I had to see what there was out there that could help her. I researched MANY supplements and alternative cures and decided on a path based on weeks of study and reading. I did the following:

1. I changed her diet completely, removed all the bad stuff (the list is far too long, and added nothing but cancer fighting foods
2. I put her on cleaning supplements to clean out her liver, kidney's and colon. Preparing the body to fight is paramount.
3. I started her on supplements that would boost the immune system. she had to continue the fight once it started and stay strong.
4. I started her on supplements that could fight cancer growth, fight cancer spreading and aid in cancer death.
5. I got her to exercise, quit smoking and think positive.

It started to work within 2 months. Her blood work corrected slightly and she had other changes. Her blood pressure stabilized, her sugar stabilized and her cholesterol stabilized...wow. She started to feel so good that she thought she might live and started to look at chemo. We spent a lot of time researching chemo and decided to try it. After her first chemo treatment her blood work went back to NORMAL. She stayed on her supplements even though the doctor said it was "quackery" and she did not hit the "low" between cancer treatments and her blood work maintained good levels. These are incredibly positive results..

There's something to be said for herbal medicine even if it just works hand in hand with the regular medicine. Initially her doc told her she didn't have much time. Today she has a future. Good luck to all of you and remember to study all routes of care...it's not as simple as chemo and radiation.

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To be standing up for irrational treatments. It IS always good to hear when things work out well for the patient, but I don't at all endorse the use of herbal remedies. Good nutrition is one thing, loading up on herbal remedies (which may or may not be what they claim to be!) is another altogether. I seriously regret ever having said anything, except that I AM glad that the original poster's mom is better!

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If you can tell me more about the supplements, I would be interested to hear. My mom has stage 2.5-3 Small Cell Lung cancer, only in left lung/lympnods. She's completed her first round (3 days) of chemo and feels pretty good but know preparing the body is important.
Tammy in Michigan

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Would you mind sharing the cleaning supplements to clean out her liver, kidney's and colon that you used? What did her doctors tell you about using these cleaning supplements? What supplements boosted her immune system? Lastly, can you share any web sites for cancer fighting foods?

Glad to hear your Mom is doing so good.

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Boosting my Moms body as well as her frame of mind (and mine) would come from feeling better. Getting her to feel better and manage all this with new found energy would be a huge plus. Where/how did you find all these other methods and get your mom to cooperate?

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Hi, Im 28 yo and im new to this network. Just yesterday my husband (31 yo) was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and other tumors too on his body. it's sad because we just recently got married and starting a life together and now,this happened :(

It helps that I can read good stories and survival stories..
Im trying to be strong in front of him,. But deep inside my heart is breaking..
It would help me If you can tell me what diet plan you did to your mom.
Im hoping that you will respond to my email.

many thanks!
and GodBless you.

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I am so excited for your mom that is great to hear she is doing so well fighting the cancer. My mom found out last July she has stage 4 lung cancer and it is in her esophagus and in her liver now, she has complete one round of chemo and half the radiation treatments and went into remission but it is back and in her liver. She did 3 more chemo but has really been sick. I have been trying to read about herbal supplements and would welcome any information you would share about the supplements your mom is using and what foods to eat. You can message me or send me an email. I would really appreciate it, they told my mom last month she has 3-4 months. But we are keeping a positive outlook. She has decided to stop any further chemo. She wants quality of life. Thanks for your help.

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Hi deanne1001 my dad is in the same position 8 weeks ago my dad woke up in the middle of the night complaining about pains in his chest, he was being sick so in the morning i got him an emergency doctors oppintment at our local gp. The doctor looked at him and said he was very worried so he sent him to hospital the same day, later that day they did an x ray and kept him in for a few days, when we got the x ray results back they said they could see shadows on his lungs. They sent him for a ct scan about 1 week later and then it was quite clear that my dad had cancer but not 100%. They did a biopsy into his lymth nodes on his neck 3 weeks ago. We got the result back and yes he had cancer 100% and it had spread to both lungs and his chest wall. Since they did the biopsy another 7/8 lumps have apperard on his neck. Personally i think this is due to them doing the biopsy but there again i am no doctor. Yesterday the did a head scan to see if it has gone to his brain which me and my family are praying that it has not. We get the results soon. We got told that my dad has 6 months to live on the 4th of august 2011 "my mums birthday" the doctor looked very shocked my dad is a real fighter he is 65 but looks 50 the doctor said are you in any pain now lol and my dad aid yes doctor my foot is hurting thats all that is stopping me from getting on with things "the doctor could not believe that he has just complained about a little blister on this foot. Then the doctor said do you have any pain anywhere else in your body apart from your foot. My dad replie no. The doctor told me he weas amazing my dad was up walking around the hospital being normal. So when we got back we went to our local heath shop and bought moreless eveything in the shop to boost his immunie system. The same as you we have changed his diet cut him down to 4 cigs a day "he will not go any less than 4 a day" we googled cancer fighting foods and that is all he is eating at the moment. We also went to the chinese herbal shop and got him some products from there to. I know its early to sayits working but i really do believe what we are doing for him is really helping him. He looks so much better already the tumor on his neck seems to be shrinking. and the pain in his chest he says is not so painfull. he starts radation next week. 8 days of 5 minute blasts and them chemo. I will let you know how he gets on . I know my dad he will not give up he has to much to loose. 3 girls and a boy "me" 2 gran daughters and a great family. We are making him exercise i had him running up steps on the local park like the rocky film. I hiope your mum gets through this the same as my dad.

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I made a request to add you as a friend as I saw your posting, and wanted to chat with you about your mom and how she is doing. In July 2011, I was diagnosed with the Stage 4 lung cancer, it has spread into my liver and bones. I am 51 years old, always been healthy, feel or should I say felt like I am in my 30's-40's. Just never sick, no smoking etc. So this has been huge for me and my family, and a lot to deal with as I am sure you know and understand. Anyway I was very interested in what you supplements you helped your mom with. I too have been doing a lot of research but am starting to get confused by so much information and what is good info and what is bad. Hope your mom is doing well. Thanks Very Much

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Is there any way you could possibly send the information to me as well? Anything that could help mom in the least would be amazing.

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Can you tell me what supplents you added? My father has the same diagnosis, and im finding it really hard coping.


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