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You want plucked?

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My forty-ish middle son and I look amazingly alike these days. We both have very short, thin, salt-and-pepper hair. And since he is overdue for a haircut, and the back of his hair reaches almost to his collar, the style is very similar, too. Mine, of course, has more gray.

I think about my hair at least once a day. What I don't think about is the hair on the rest of my body - the hair I was happy not to have to deal with for a year and a half. I forget sometimes to shave my legs.

Last Friday I treated my daughter-in-law to pedicures, lunch, and a movie. I don't indulge in pedicures very often, but she really has done a lot for my youngest son and his kids, with absolutely no complaints. So I wanted to give Wendy a girls' day out.

I was really enjoying the whole pedi experience: the foot rub and the hot wax; the massage chair and the warm scented water. Until the little Asian beauty who was working on me motioned toward the top of my right foot and asked, "You want plucked?" EXCUSE ME????
"Hair on toe, " she said, "you want plucked?" What hair???? There's a hair growing on my toe??? Actually, there were several. Several long, black hairs, just below the nail on my of my big toe. Thanks, Taxol. Now I feel like a weird science experiment gone wrong. But yes, thank you.....I definitely want plucked.


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That reminds me of when I was on bio-identical testosterone therapy. I had several long black hairs on both big toes. It looked Neanderthal! Wouldn't be surprised Carlene if your testosterone level was a factor in causing the black toe hair.


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Carlene, you are too funny. You made me laugh today. I was kind of down due to getting my treatment today and, of course, my CA125 jumped a bit.

Thanks so much for posting. Love it.

And yes, I guess I would want to get plucked too. I will definitely keep an eye on my toes.


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I wish we lived near each other, going out for drinks would be fun.

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I can just see the expression on your face. Tes hair comes back in weird places I have a few growing on my chin!!!...val

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I wish I could travel around and spend a few days with all of you! I've met three of my teal sisters in the flesh, and it just made me realize how much I would like to hang out IRL (in real life) with the rest!

What happened to the get-together someone mentioned a while back?


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Heh Carlene you always make me smile. Wish we could all meet someimte, I would love to meet you all. Any of you headed to arizona anytime soon let me know

Big Hugs

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Hi Lynda I live in glendale AZ and was told two months ago at 45 I have overian cancer where do you live and do you go to any of the tea parties through face in the mirror


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Carlene you are the funniest person. You should write a book. Thanks for all the positive comments and laughter is the best. Jackie

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LMAO....this is great. Thank you for the light hearted moments. We need a lot of those. :)

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When reading your posts, Carlene, I feel uplifted. I too wish we could all get together. I get the impression that most of you ladies hail from the United States. I live in Toronto, Canada's largest city.

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I think most of us are US girls. I live in Texas, born in Dallas, raised in Ft Worth. Now I live between the two of them. I am more "Cowtown" than "Big D", however.

When I go to NYC for the vaccine trial, it's like going to another country. I can hardly understand a word anyone says, and they can't understand me, except once in a while, someone thinks I have an accent and they just want me to talk - about anything.


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Plucking toe hair sounds painful, Carlene.


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