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Started my R-CHOP today, well sort of!

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Today was the day! Appointment was at 8:45, saw the doctor first then went to the infusion room. Since I just got my port but in Thursday, they had a little difficulty accessing it, but finally managed, and gave me my pre-meds. Rituxan was started at 10:30, at 40, within 30 minutes my throat started to feel scratchy and dry, the next 30 minutes my nose was running and sneezy and I had sinus pressure. I finally started to feel better after about 30 more minutes so they bumped it up to 60, stomach hurt for a short while, finally up to 80, head itchy, last bump up at about 2:00 to 100, no more problems but stayed there until finished at about 3:30. Infusion room closes at 5, so they left the needle in and taped it up and sent me home to return at 8:30 in the morning for the rest! No problems tonight, just hope I can sleep. Hoping tomorrow is a shorter day.

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Hi Martha,
Well...thats a start, and I think the Rituxan takes the most time. Tomorrow will probably be shorter, but I'm only guessing. I had CVP-R, not R-CHOP. I took my prednisone at home an hour before chemo. Then once I was in the chair I got my pre-meds,(wait 30 minutes) then they gave me the cyclophosphomide(sp?), next the vincristine, followed up with the slow drip of Rituxan. My first day I was in the chair for 7 1/2 hours. After my 3rd round I was in the chair for 4 1/2 hours each time there after until all 6 rounds were completed. With my bi-monthly Rituxan maint infusion it usually takes 4 hours from start to finish. The pre-meds make me very sleepy, so I end up sleeping the whole time. I'm glad your first day went well with only a few bumps. It will get easier, but you will also feel more tired as the chemo builds up in your body with each treatment. Let us know how tomorrow goes...I'll have you in my prayers. Love...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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What hospital/chemo center are you at? I really don't think they should have sent you home with an open port/needle in your chest. My first day started R-chop process at 7am and it took until 8:30pm due to allergic reaction to the rituxan. The staff stayed with me the entire time (even after close) because they said that the entire R-Chop had to be completed in one cycle. Wishing you the very best and safe chemos. Make sure you ask questions if you are concerned!!!

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We have a cancer/chemo center here in central indiana where I live. It seems to be a normal thing that is done to cap off the needle and leave it in the port when you have to return the next day. Suppose to keep you from getting stuck the second day! As far as doing the entire r-chop in one cycle, I have never heard anyone say that before. Perhaps someone else can add to that thought. So far so good with my chemo. Martha

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I had by R-CVP in one day from 9:00 am till 6:00 pm before discharging. Fortunately I had no reactions except the tiredness. Good to know that you had a fairly smooth 1st day.
Good luck,

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I was wondering how you are doing with the R-CHOP? I hope you are doing well with it. I think i will start mine next week. Hope all is well.

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