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Uterine cancer stage 3C grade 3 (Endometrial and uterine Sarcoma)

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Hi everyone,

Last year I was diagnosed with Endometrial cancer (stage 3C, grade 3) and a uterine sarcoma. I had a radical hysterectomy in Octber 2010, followed by radiation (external and internal) and chemo. I had my last chemo in mid May 2011 and am now cancer free! My cancer has a very high reoccurence rate, but I'm trying to take one day at a time.

I've been with my partner Luann for 13 years (14 this November). She took wonderful care of me. Switched to a night shift so she could take me to all my appointments and treatments. She is my rock. My sister also stayed with us for 6 weeks to help care for me. I was/am very lucky to be totally surrounded by love.

I wish everyone the very best.

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I was diagnosed with Stage IIIc Endometrial Cancer in August of this year. Right before my diagnosis, I realized I was gay. I had tried living straight for so long. I just thought guys didn't like me for some reason. It feels stupid to be 36 and realize that you are a lesbian. Shortly after, I found out I had lady bit cancer. My denial of my sexuality has got to play some role in this. When I was telling my friends and family, it was like a two for one. Hey, I have cancer...and by the way, I am a lesbian. I found a wonderful girl who hung out with me, but I didn't want her to have to be with me through treatment. Maybe it was a stupid idea, but I pushed her away. Sometimes you don't know if people are really interested in you or if they like that drama of a disease to fuel whatever in their life. I guess I was suspicious. Still, I feel free knowing who I am and it helps me to conquer this disease. Follow my journey at http://rebelcupcake.wordpress.com

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