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Made it to retirement

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Well all my retirement paperwork has been fully approved.
all my medical recoard is to the VA (by way of the DAV)
they are working on my medical appointments to figure disability

so I go on terminal 9 Aug 2011, get my DD214 30 Nov 2011.

I am now 1 year 3 months out from thryoid cancer and total thyroidectomy. 2 months out from a clean scan.

I have lots of medical issues but I made it to 20 years and retirement before medical boards.

If I was not on terminal before October they would have started a medical review board.

Thanks for all of you who also served and espically to your faimlies who served with you.


VA Benefits Attorney
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Make sure you follow thru with a VA disability claim. If you are rated at 50% or more you will be able to keep your retirement pay and disability pay which is tax free.

Posts: 507
Joined: Apr 2010

the rough guess with all my other medical issues and looking through the regulations I will probably be about 70-80% the local DAV is handeling my claim. right now we are waiting on 1 more thing (results form the sleep apnea study) before it gets sent to the VA to get the doctors evaluations and all.. I still have time to make it all done well before the 60 days from retirement so I will be able to make it with the Benefits Delivery at Discharge (BDD) program. so hopefully 2 months after i get my DD-214 I should have the results.

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