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Jim's Catscan

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Hi Everyone,
Great news, Jim's catscan shows no cancer! Praise God on high! It had not been read
by the radiologist yet, but the surgeon said it looked good. We are both so relieved.
This was his six month check after surgery in January.

We were able to see our friend that had the MIE there at OHSU in Portland the day before
and he was doing as well as could be expected. Far better than if he had had the Ivor-Lewis
he was supposed to have had.

I keep you all in prayer and so appreciate your thoughts and prayers for us and our friend.

Linda and Jim

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Linda and Jim
I am so happy for both of you. wHAT FANTASTIC NEWS. jUST STAY ON TOP OF EVERYTHING AND jIM eat eat eat



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Joined: May 2010

Great news! Keep up the good work!

Posts: 665
Joined: May 2010

: )

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It is wonderful to hear things are going well! May the good news continue!

Best Regards,

Paul Adams
McCormick, South Carolina

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Many, many more NED.

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Congrats and many many more!!

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Congratulations! Now BREATHE!

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Joined: Aug 2010

We are always joyful to hear NED! Thanks.........


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Joel C
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Joined: Mar 2011

Great news Jim & Linda! It’s such a relief hearing the doc say all clear.

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So glad Linda and Jim that you all have gotten clear CT scans, nothing makes us happier here on this board. Take care and keep them coming!!!

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Linda, Jim,

We are so happy for you! Keep up the good work.

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I'm very happy to hear that your scan was clear. My surgery was in December and I just had my second scan which was clear also. Stay positive!

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Posts: 438
Joined: Oct 2010

We couldn't have gotten through it the way we have without all of you. This group saved
Jim from the Ivor-Lewis and probable death due to his heart complications. We appreciate all
of you so much. We pray for continued clear scans! God is so good to us.

Linda & Jim

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Linda and Jim, great news! I am always a little nervous when I see certain subject lines here and was so relieved to see a clean scan! Kim

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Linda and Jim, I join you in celebrating this wonderful news. I will be having a three year scan in August. I always get a little scaniety before the scans and it's alway's a reason for shouting when it comes back NED. So YAYYYYYYYY, I'm shouting And praising God for His goodness with you,

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