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So had a right disection on Wed and just got home from hospital today. I have a scar from the right back of my head at the hair line to the left side of the front of my neck. it's closed with staples, about 30 staples.

Needless to say I look horrible. I've never been really vain, but I always got a second look from people for being on the pretty side...now they just stared at me on the way home.

So the biggest complaint I have is the numbness. my right side of my face, right ear, my neck and front of chest and shoulder are all numb. Can anyone shed some light about the feeling coming back or not?? my ear keeps itching like crazy....

I just finished breast cancer treatment and thought that was bad...the two surgeries I had were nothing compared to this one. this was definately worse than the thyroidectomy too.

So, I'm off to bed...hopefully I can sleep tonight cause I didn't get any sleep the last 2 nights in the hospital.

Take care all.


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I have a similar scar, but I was glued not stapled. For me, it runs from just below my right ear, down to just above my collar bone and across to the left side, a big "L". I also have numbness in the same areas you're describing. My surgery was on 2/8/11 and while it's gotten significantly better, there is still some there. I also had, and still have some, muscle rigidity {it feels tight both to the touch and by itself, sort of like I have a bandage on my neck}. I never had much itching, but I thought someone was constantly tugging on my right ear lobe for maybe a month afterwards. I've been told it will probably take a year for all post surgery symptoms to completely abate.


PS Do your PT exercises! We don't want your shoulder sagging!

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roe lorusso
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Hi Im new to the site but in this for 10 yrs now since 8/2001. i recently had surgery 12/10 for lymph nodes that metatisis, my scar is round the front of neck slightly above the color bone, i too had glue to hold this and if you can a scar is beautiful, htis one is. my surgeon was an expert in head and neck, in New york city. Dr Mark Urken, I am so glad he was recommended. Anyway my neck is somewhat still numb and sore as well as going towards my right shoulder/arm, and my right ear was numb for a long while however it did subside.

I had one reoccurance in june 2003, while free of cancer till last june when a lymph node was detected, then the surgery 12/10, while I read which is true reocurrance will happen long after surgery, I have pappilary and follicular thyroid cancer.

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Hi there. I had a bilateral neck dissection in march - ear to ear - my scar has faded and its not too noticable now. After about 2 weeks I used a scar creme and always protect it from the sun.

I still have numbness in both earlobes, under my chin and parts of my neck. My left shoulder gave me quite a bit of trouble but physio reallyreally helped. The numbness has gotten better, but still feels weird when I have an itch because I cant really tell where its coming from. It has slowely improved since the surgery though.

Do all the exercises they tell you too - and if they havent given you any ask as soon as you can.

It took me about a month before I was comfortable sleeping in any position other than my back. I invested in pillows with good support.

Hope you get some rest and heal fast.


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