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Bottled water and floride

miss maggie
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Dear Jim and all,

Jim, I was lucky to find this information right away. I am pasting 2
paragraphs I found online. It seems Poland Spring has the smallest amount of
floride, and yes i was correct. If the bottle is labeled "reverse osmosis filtered" or "steam distilled" that very little if any of the original source water's fluoride is left. I bought my water from Walgreens. The brand is "Pure Drinking water", and is inexpensive. There
could be more info out there, but I have to sign off now. Hope this info helps. See below:

since posting i have found a that poland spring natural spring water has only .2 ppm fluoride. some spring water has A TON of fluoride - sometimes just as much as the town water.
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My understanding is that if the bottled water is labeled "reverse osmosis filtered" or "steam distilled" that very little if any of the original source water's fluoride is left. We buy some bottled water, but mostly use our home distilled water.
We got our distiller from: http://waterdistiller.com/distiller-water/
We have the Love model 3 as well as the Love model 1.
We love them.
Testing our water with a total disolved solids meter before and after distillation is shocking:
local tap water 324 PPM
home distilled tap water 1 PPM
store bought distilled water 2-5 PPM depending on brand.
Hope this helps.

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Hi Maggie,
I checked the bottled water we have in the fridge and it's Pure, the same kind you purchase. I asked Steve where he bought it and he said at Walgreens. Said he stocks up when it goes on sale. We've got about 6 cases in the pantry, but I've never really paid much attention to the brand name since I don't do the grocery shopping. We don't wash the empty bottles or refill them. I was told the heat from the dishwasher breaks down the plastic and it's not healthy for you to reuse the bottles. I also read that once your bottle of water has gotten warm/hot, to not drink it, or put it back in the fridge...something about the plastic emitting some chemical once it's gotten warm. Thanks for the info Maggie. Love ya...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

miss maggie
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Dear Sue and John,

Sue, Isn't that something, you and I have the same bottled water. I must
be doing someting right. Yes, I try and stock up when Walgreen's run
a sale. Thank you for the reminder about hot plastic. I drink so much
water when I go out, the bottle never gets a chance to warm up.

John, the bottle has to say the ingredients. Yes, some bottles do say
pure and natural. Is there a phone number on the bottle? If not, look,'look
and look again.

Luv you both. Love Maggie

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We get our bottled water REAL cheap. Some guy named Stinky who runs a sewer tank cleaning service on the side or is it visa versa. I don't know.It doesn't have any ingrediants on the bottle except,"All Natural with Nothing else added".Taste a little tart and the color is not that great,but it is bottled water. None of that chlorine for me,no sir. If you'd like I will send you a bottle to savor. John

miss maggie
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John, how did it get that way? Look and look again. Maggie

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The walgreens water you are speaking of, is it the Nice Purified water brand?  Thank you

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Max Former Hodg...
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The "Walgreen's" post you responded to is five years old. Maggie, the writer, is very likely  no longer monitoring her old posts.


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Funny this popped up. My primary dr had me do another TSH test and it came back high with the other readings ok. She thinks it may be from all of the tap water I have been drinking for the past year. She is concerned about the amount of flouride that could be in it. Our tap water according to a 2014 quality report is 4 ppm. 

I found that many brands of bottled water are less than 1 ppm. One site said to look at the source. If it doesn't say spring water it could be tap water. Another site that listed all of the brands that had no flouride did include Walgreens but it did't tell the flouride levels. 

Walgreens currently has 2 types of bottled water both with the brand name NICE. I buy the spring water. Costs a little more but given my drs orders, I'll pay it for now. 

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