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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.

spread !!!!

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Hi, just had the most terrible news, we were on holiday and had to come home early because my husbands tummy very swollen, went to hospital and he has as cites, they drained 7 litres! then we had the results of ct, the bowel cancer has spread to liver, and peritoneum, we go to see the ongologist on Thurs 14th july. My husband is not coping at all we are both devastated.

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So very sorry to hear this news about your husband. I can certainly understand what a shock this must have been for you both.

Easy to say and hard to do, but remember there is hope. There are folks here who have weathered this type of spread and are managing well by treating the cancer as a chronic disease.

My best to you, your husband and family as you cope with this latest news.


Marie who loves kitties

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I am very sorry for you all. I will keep you in my prayers.

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So sorry that you had to come home from your vacation early and then have to face such difficult news. There is hope. Your oncologist should have a plan to deal with the spread. Thoughts and prayers for you.


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That is such a hard blow. I'm sorry that it wasn't better news. I'm hoping that they can take care of this and give you a new plan for treatment to help. You both can get through this as many have. Hope that you get the answers you need at the doctors.


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Oh, dear.

I'm so sorry about your news. I know it's a bitter pill to swallow! Praying there will be some encouraging news soon.


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I'm sure docs will find a solution ! we all are praying for that!
Take care of both!.Hugs!

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Dear Belinda,

I know how devastate you and your husband could be. I'm very sorry about this and hope you and your husband will soon digest this news. I hope the oncologist will soon have a new plan for him.

Please take good care of yourself.

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Hi Belinda,

I'm sorry to hear about your husband's news. As someone else already said, as hard as it is, just remember that there definitely are other folks here who have come through the cancer spreading (even a few stage IV folks that are now NED- no evidence of disease). I was diagnosed as stage IV (numerous mets to liver and both lungs) four years ago & I'm still here, quite alive and definitely still kicking :)
Take care & I am saying a prayer right now for your husband that both he and you will be able to cope and function mentally/emotionally through this, and that the doctors will find the right treatment for him to get rid of those nasty tumors!
Personally, my faith in Jesus Christ was tested but strengthened through this all & that is how I get through every day with a smile on my face (most of the time, anyhow).

Prayers and hugs,

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I know how you are feeling. Your emotions can be optimistic one day and plummet the next depending on whether they are having a good day or bad. And, a setback can and does affect you as much as it does them. News of a spread is enough to put you in bed under the covers for days. But I'm here to encourage you! This is our experience: Dad was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer with two metz to the liver. He went through folfox and SIRT and was cancer free for a year. Then last Christmas his abdomen started swelling. His regular Dr told him it was a hernia from the colon surgery. He kept getting worse and his"hernia " surgery was scheduled for a month later. He kept getting bigger and bigger. Long story short the ascites caused the hernia. The chemo or SIRT caused cirhosis of the liver and he had two new mets to the liver. They drained 7 liters as well. We went on a cruise and he ate a lot of salt and forgot the Lasix which they put him on for the ascites and he swelled right up again and had another 7liters drained. It has now been 9months and the ascites is under control. He is on eritux and irinecetan. HE'S doing well and we are waiting for his first scan to see how the meds are doing. Its not a death sentence just another bump that must be dealt with and always move forward. Hope that helps!

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It's terrible that vacation was cut short, but good that it was in it's own way so that the spread was discovered. Another thing to deal with, but certainly not the end. Of course I understand he is devastated,that you are devastated, I'm thinking I'd be standing in the back yard under the skies and screaming "Why God, Why me??" about that point. So do it, question, cry, demand answers from whomever your Supreme Being is, then get on to the business of fighting again. It can be done.
My thoughts and best wishes are for you both.
Winter Marie

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you and your husband are in my thoughts and prayers


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