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"Gift" for surgeon - is this inappropriate?

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Double Whammy
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I was browsing embroidery designs this evening and came across a design titled "A Gentleman and a Robot". See it on my Expressions page.

I had a robotic assisted hysterectomy last year. I've always thought of my gynecologic oncologist as such a gentleman (and a nerd). When I saw this design I absolutely went nuts - it's him! He even has a mustache. I'm thinking of embroidering it on a surgical hat and presenting it to him when I see him again on the 18th. I just don't know if he has the humor to not be offended and/or if a "gift" is even appropriate. A surgical hat brings in the medical part of him and was just the most appropriate thing I could think of to embroider it on.

What do you think? And if I do it, should it be before or after the exam? After I think. He might hurt me if he's embarassed or offended.


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tribute to someone you care about. It doesn't matter what people think, and nerds love love,just like everyone else.

Embroider away.



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What a lovely thought. I'm not sure how things work in the USA, but in the UK, I worked as a medical secretary for a while and I know that some patients do wish to thank their surgeons or physicians after treatment. It is usually something of little financial value e.g. bottle of wine/flowers etc, but to be given something like this, with a more personal feel and a touch of humour, would, I think, be a brillianaat gesture. Who couldn't raise a smile from it? Go for it.
Kindest wishes

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I think he will LOVE IT!

After the exam would be perfect...even though I am sure he would not hurt you...


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Very cute! Go for it! Suggestion/idea: It's alot of work. He may keep it or display it better if it was done as a framed picture. My doc has things like this displayed in his exam rooms.

Let us know what his reaction is. Mary Ann

PS - love your "hair" and attitude about your own. I am very fortunate that mine grew back as good as it has - still thin in front. But, you are right, there are worse things!!

Blessings to you, Sharon. Mary Ann

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Hi Suzanne,

I say go for it, but I agree with Mary Ann's suggestion that you make something that is easily displayed. I have been seeing my gyn-onc for 12 years now. Every year around the anniversary of my surgery, my husband and I take a trip somewhere to celebrate. Last year, I had to travel to the Boston area around that time of year for a family function, so I incorporated a stop at my gyn-onc's son's brew pub. I had my husband take a picture of my gyn-onc's son and me together. I got the picture enlarged and framed and gave it to my gyn-onc. Actually, I stopped by his office inbetween appointments to drop it off. Shortly thereafter, I received a hand-written thank you from my gyn-onc (as I had previously when I gave him a gift many years before). The next time I went in for my regularly-scheduled appointment, the picture was prominently displayed on a shelf.


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I think the idea is lovely! I've been with the same oncologist since 2008, and given him several small gifts (with 'thanks you' cards) on the holidays. I had a baseball cap imprinted with "I love the smell of chemo in the morning; Smells like Remission" that I gave him once. & I had a personalized tree ornament made with his name on it to hang on the tree at the chemo lounge, since he is an avowed "Grinch" who hates all the holiday hoo-haw. I always regularly bring really small gifts for the lab and nursing staff, and THEY certainly display the things I've given them, even years later. Do it.

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Double Whammy
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I'm going to do it. Thanks for the input.

I understand the "picture" suggestion. I'll give it some thought. The cap was symbolic of him being a surgeon/physician as the image doesn't really depict that. Also thinking I'll do in on a teal cap representing the color of all gynecologic cancers (peach just wouldn't work). I'll definitely include a card.

Will post the finished project as well as his reaction.


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Suzanne....I think your idea is terrific and I am sure your dr. will be most appreciative! It will be a work of art and truly from your heart!

Go for it! Will await a picture of the finished product!!

Big hugs, Karen

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Double Whammy
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This is my gyn onocologist.

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I think it is cute.
Because I met my oncologist and his staff just last December, I have ordered lunch for everyone twice. There are only about 13 people, including my doctor and his two partners.
I think they liked it!

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