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CHOP Chemo

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Hello all I am wondering if anyone has had CHOP Chemo. My Dr thinks that is what I am going to be taking but I wont know until monday when I go to MD Anderson and I was really hoping for someone to tell me how it was for them. I am really scared to have to do Chemo and I am not sure how to take it. I have stage 1 type A hodgkins. I am also wondering if anyone could describe the 1st time the ever went in to do Chemo what it was like for them... Thanks everyone!

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I had undergone chemo COP-R (note without "H"). There were no problems except for the 5 & 6th cycles due to tiredness and low blood counts. In your case the three components C, H, and O are infusion that takes about 3 - 4 hours while P is Prednisone tablets that you may take daily for a week. You have to be careful not to get any infection like cold, flu etc. as your immunity levels will go down. Hence it is better to avoid visitors or you going to public places unless it is really important. Some people get side effects like nausea, hair loss etc., but I did not get any. The 1st cycle may be given very slowly and may take longer to monitor any reactions. Eat foods or supplements that improves your immune system to bring back your blood count between the cycles.

Prednisone (tablet) is a steroid and if you are diabetic, it will increase your glucose levels especially in the afternoon and hence may need insulin, if doctor suggests. It will keep you more active and in your case it is taken for short period and hence no longterm effects.

Don't worry about this procedure at all and be positive. Good Luck.

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Thank you that is awesome information, i have heard so many bad stories with Chemo and it has been scary, but reading what you have gone through it doesnt seem near as bad as what i think. Thank you!

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Today the CHOP might be different in doses of the various chemo drugs that makes it up, I don't know. When I had it there were no anti nausea drugs so that wasn't fun. When I had a recurrance, by that time a couple of years later they had the drugs and wow it was like night and day. I had non hodgkins now and you say you have hodgkins so no idea if CHOP is different for them.

People handle chemo differently so just because one person had a rough time that doesn't mean you will and vice versa of course. The types of cancer can make a difference as does the type of treatments and dosages. I don't know if you will lose your hair or not, ask your doctor about your case. Take a list of questions with you to the doctor like will I lose my hair, will I be very sick, can I continue working etc? things like that. For many chemo isn't the first choice for something to do on a summer's day but it will only last for your treatment period then hopefully it will blow your cancer out of the water and you can get on with your life. Try to think through the chemo that that is your goal - beating the cancer and the chemo is helping you to do that. If you do visualizations that helps many too - visualize the chemo as an army coming to do away with the nasty cancer cells. Many people swear by visualizations and I agree that the brain is a powerful healer.

Make sure that if you do have a rough time with chemo you have people to help you get through that time. I made the mistake of trying to be independant and xontinuing to do things myself and that was dumb. Accept help if you need it and seek it out if you need it too like getting in a housekeeper so you can rest during the treatments and let your body heal.

All the best and hope you are back on your feet soon.

Take care


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I would have to agree with what Bluerose has said. I did not have R-CHOP,but had R-CVP and it was not that bad until the ending of the treatments. I was constantly tired and food tasted like metal. Then again that was me and like Bluerose and others will tell you,we all react to chemo in different ways. Good Luck. John

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