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need help pls!

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i am 21 yrs old. i have been having digestion problems since i joined coll at 18.for the past 6 months my stools have been irregular.so my doc who is experienced,asked me to take abdominal ultrasound sonography,liver function tests ,blood tests etc 2 months back. everything was normal.no blood,mucus in stool.but still i have dark greeny or blacky stools(i cant distinguish with naked eye) everyday. 1 week back i again took just a stool test and liver func test. in stools,e.histolytica cysts were found this time. my doc said its amoebiasis. but i am a hypochondriac i am sorry. i always think i am having colon or pancreatic cancer. is it possible . pls help me. i am not able to concentrate on anything.no weight loss also ,actually i have gained little bit.sometimes little pain in stomach and for the past 4 days some bloating is happening .help me. wat to do.

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I would just research your symptoms online and talk to your doctor about what you think it could be so you can rule out what it isn't. If you aren't convinced that your doctor is doing everything he can to diagnose you properly, then I would go get a second opinion.

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