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very worried !need help

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hi, i am a 21 yrs old indian male. for the last 8 months my stools seem to be irregular . i went to my doc. he said it was bad digestion. he asked me to take an abdominal ultra sound sonogram and lfts.results were normal except that alkaline phosphatase was 139 iu/mg(normal range 110-130). my doc said it was because of lack of calcium. but i drink a lot of milk.then how?these tests were 2 and a half months ago. still my stools have dark color on one side and comparatively light brown on another.but i dont think its pitch black. also there is no blood in my stool according to tests. wat could it be. i took my scans in a famous,good scan centre. i am scared that i have pancreatic cancer or something . can an abdominal ultrasound sonogram detect tumours in pancreas, colon etc?pls help me. or is it possible tat a sudden growth of these tumours has taken place within these 2 and a half months and that is why symptoms still remain. i am scared to ask my parents or doc about this as i feel they will yell at me for thinking such things.i also feel bloating for past 5 days.and some itching of my skin. i saw the net and found itch was a symptom of panc cancer. also when my tests were done e.histolytic cysts were detected . no mucus also in stool. no jaundice till now.i have itchy ,burning sensation after i pass stools and feel heat when i sit and drive my scooter.sorry for the length of the description . and sorry for pestering .pls help me.

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We are not doctors, and even if we were the sites terms and conditions prevent us from offering medical advice.

You really need to discuss this with your doctor.

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diagnosis on the meantime will pray for god results!
Hugs mi friend!

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My opinion is that you need to see a gastro doctor. If that is what the previous doctor is, then perhaps a different doctor not associated with the first.

Whenever our body does something different, particularly if it is causing discomfort, it is time to get the best medical care you can, regardless of the ultimate diagnosis.

You must take charge of your own health and medical care and not worry overly about what might be said. Your concerns are valid and it seems the condition has not improved.

Please let us know how things go for you.

Marie who loves kitties

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I agree that you need to see a gastroenterologist. Even if it's not cancer of any kind (you are awfully young, although it's not impossible that it would be cancer), something is not entirely right with your system. Make sure you get checked thoroughly.


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Nana b
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Well, you have come to the right place to get advice, as many of us know, don't delay, tell your worries and symptoms to you doctor. i was sent home to do push ups to relieve gss, I then demanded a colonoscopy, only to find out I had stage 4 cancer. Not that it is going to happen to you, your itching could be something you are eating. Go to doctor, and let him know that we said, CHECK IT OUT!!!!!

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I would agree that you should not ignore these symptoms and that you should go to a gastroenterologist doctor. Also, as was said by someone, the itching could actually be an allergic reaction to a food or dye or something you ate or came in direct contact with. Of course I have no way of knowing, but one thing to consider that you could even do on your own (but you really should see the doctor for this) is that you could even have parasites- that can sometimes cause discoloration of the stools. There are medical remedies as well as natural remedies for parasites "just in case". We're not supposed to dispense medical advice, so I won't spell out the herbal combination here to address the parasites. It, however, can be found fairly easily on the internet by entering "herbal parasitic cleanse". Even though I do have cancer and am being treated for it with chemo, I did the parasitic cleanse upon the advice of a friend who is knowledgeable about such things & I really did notice a difference in my stools and with how I felt afterwards (itching also got better). I really didn't think I had any parasites, but after doing the cleanse and feeling differrent, I believe that I definitely did have parasites. Some studies show that up to 80% of all people have parasites of some kind. They don't even have to be intestinal worms- there are many other kinds of microscopic parasites as well. Something to consider- I think everyone should do this 1 or 2 times a year (just my humble opinion, not any medical advice).
Also, another thing to consider- if it truly is "bad digestion", then you may be able to benefit from some digestive enzymes. I discovered after going to a naturopathic doctor, that my stomach acid level is actually low, which is why I'd see undigested food sometimes in my stools. Things have improved in that area since I've started taking digestive enzymes to help digest the food. Also- probiotics are helpful. Sometimes the "flora" of the "good bacteria" (yes some bacteria is good and neccessary in your intestines to properly digest food) get depleted from the way we eat, what we eat, and also from antibiotics (antibiotics kill off harmful bacteria, but they also kill off the good and helpful bacteria at the same time). Probiotics will help to replenish the good bacteria. Best wishes to you-


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